The Winsor School has long benefited from strong, stable leadership. The trustees serve as the governing body of the school.  The Winsor Corporation, part of the school’s governance structure, approves nominations to that board. Its ranks include many of the school’s most ardent and loyal supporters and ambassadors.


Allison Kaneb Pellegrino ’89, P’21, '22

Vice President
Davis Fulkerson P’17, ’18, ’21

William R. Elfers P’14, ’17 

Assistant Treasurer
William P. Collatos P’03, ’05, ’09


John M. Westcott, Jr., P’90

Assistant Clerk
Nancy B. Gardiner, P’04, ’09

John R. Barker P'21, '23
David Belluck P’17, ’19
Elizabeth Bennett Carroll ’89
Jane Brock-Wilson  P’07, ’11
Raymond Chung P’18, ’21
Bart Epker P’13
Brenda Haynes P’16
Jean M. Hynes P’16, ’18, ’21
Kimberly Heald Krawshuk ’87, P’20
Elizabeth Lempres P’17
Adrienne Penta Lissner’96
Anne C. McNay P’16
Joseph J. O’Donnell P’05, ’07
Nancy Mahoney O'Leary '86
Krishna G. Palepu P’21
Jeremy Sclar P’18
Bruce A. Shaw
M. Forbes Singer ’72
Kimberly Stanfield P’15, ’20
Rachel Friis Stettler
Linda H. Thomas P’02, ’06
Perry M. Traquina P’09, ’13
Jordan Warshaw P’14
Kent Weldon P’16
Emily Lubin Woods ’91