The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Darcie Manning

Darcie Manning

Years in Teaching: 13

Year Appointed at Winsor: 2010

Winsor courses/levels taught: Class II human biology, Class III earth science, Class II robotics, Class V biology

Other Winsor activities: (club advisor, coach, dean, class coordinator, etc). Class III coordinator, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, iPad pilot coordinator.

What three words would girls use to describe your teaching style? Enthusiastic, engaging, approachable, relaxed and understanding (I asked them what I should say for this one – this is what they gave me!).

How would you describe your relationships with students? I have open, considerate, and honest relationships with my students. I think it is important to show them the same respect and trust that I expect them to show me. Growing up is tough, and I am here to help them through it.

Do you have a favorite lesson or project to teach? I love teaching the prosthetic arm engineering design project in Class II. In this project, the girls create a prosthetic arm using every day materials. The creativity, problem solving, and collaboration of the project make it a challenging and fun experience for the students.

What do you love about teaching? I love getting to know students and helping them navigate through the crazy pre-teen and teenage years. They change so much from one year to the next, and it is gratifying to see them become their own person as they progress through their school years.

What’s the best thing about teaching at Winsor? The best thing about being at Winsor is amazingly smart and enthusiastic students, and my amazing colleagues who push and challenge me every day.

Is there a lasting lesson you hope girls take from your classes? I hope that they leave my class knowing that taking risks and “failing” is actually what allows them to learn as people and as scientists.

Favorite Winsor tradition? I love Death by Chocolate… and pretty much any other Winsor tradition that involves our amazing kitchen staff making food for us!

Personal passions/hobbies: Photography, gardening, reading YA fantasy books, hiking-boating-skiing in my home state of Maine with my family.

Favorite Cartoon: Calvin and Hobbes. I have always loved the way it helps us look back on our childhood and realize how those lessons we learned as a kid are just as applicable and relevant to us in adulthood. And the relationship between Calvin and Hobbes, and Calvin and Suzy, are just priceless.

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