Health Services

The Director of Health Services and school nurse, Anne Renneburg, knows that every visit to the nurse is an opportunity for a girl to learn about her body, disease processes, illness prevention, medications she is taking, and more. The goal is for every Winsor girl to be prepared and empowered to make choices for herself that will positively impact her academic achievement, personal success, and overall wellness.

To promote and protect the optimal health status of the entire Winsor community, the school nurse provides the following health care services, among others:

  • Assessment and treatment of acute illness and injury within established protocols approved by Winsor’s school physician consultant.
  • Administration of prescribed medications and treatments to girls in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and Board of Registered Nursing regulations.
  • Management of chronic disease, such as diabetes and asthma, by working with a girl and her family to develop and implement a health care plan that addresses her medical needs during the school day.
  • Collaboration with the Director of Food Services to ensure that girls with special dietary needs are having them met, and girls with life-threatening food allergies are safe.
  • Collaboration with all school personnel “who have a need to know” to ensure there is an understanding of a girl’s health needs during the school day and there are no health-related barriers to her learning.

Anne Renneburg

Anne Renneburg, R.N., M.S.


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Anne Renneburg, R.N., M.S.
Director of Health Services
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