It is Winsor's philosophy to keep the school within reach of many girls. Having talented students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds strengthens Winsor in every way. The cost of an independent school education can seem daunting. A Winsor education is no exception; it is a major investment in a girl's future. If you believe Winsor is the school for your daughter, we encourage you to explore ways to bring the cost within your own reach.
For the 2020-2021 academic year Winsor's comprehensive tuition is $51,800.
We welcome applications for tuition assistance and offer a variety of payment plans. Families with a wide range of income levels apply for aid.

Annual Income & Sample Tuition Paid By Families
Annual Income Annual Tuition Paid
$21,000 - $89,000 $100 - $4,000
$90,000 - $159,000 $100 - $5,100
$160,000 - $189,000 $1,500 - $24,000
$190,000+ $1,600 - $43,000
To be considered for tuition assistance, families with students currently enrolled and families with students who wish to apply to the Winsor School must complete the SSS application. We recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible. You may start the financial aid application using estimated data as early as October. Your complete and final application with all required documentation is due no later than February 22nd. We cannot offer assistance to families whose applications are incomplete.

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  • Are awards based on need or merit?

    All awards at Winsor are need-based; there are no scholarships or merit awards for academic, artistic, or athletic ability.
  • Are decisions about admission and financial aid made separately?

    Yes. The admission committee selects students for admission without knowledge of who may have applied for tuition assistance.
  • Do a significant number of girls qualify?

    Yes. More than twent-five percent of the student body receives aid. The school awards partial and full financial grants to deserving students.
  • Do families need to re-apply for financial aid each year?

    Yes. We are committed to continuing to support families who receive tuition assistance. However, awards are not renewed automatically each year. Families who have received assistance will be invited to apply for the next year. Those families may expect to receive a similar proportion of tuition assistance from year to year provided that the family’s and the school’s financial circumstances remain essentially the same. A significant change up or down in the financial profile may result in a change in the tuition assistance package.
  • Do only families at specific income levels qualify?

    Families with a wide range of income levels apply for aid. You can earn a significant income and still qualify for aid depending upon your overall circumstances. Winsor considers each family's financial situation on an individual basis.
  • How do families apply for aid?

    To confidentially inquire about tuition assistance, parents must apply for financial aid online. Winsor uses the tuition assistance calculation service established by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and its School and Student Services (SSS) to make financial assistance awards. This process begins early October, and the deadline is February 15th. We strongly advise you to begin working on the application as soon as possible. The school requires that both natural parents contribute to the cost of education for their child to the extent of their ability. If the student’s parents are divorced, separated, or were never married, both will be asked to privately complete their own financial aid application.
  • How do we learn more?

    If you have additional questions about your eligibility for tuition assistance or about the Winsor application for aid, please call our office at (617)735-9503, and we would be happy to assist you.
  • How much assistance is available?

    Winsor currently awards over $4 million a year through its tuition assistance program. Individual awards range from $2,000 to full tuition.
  • If my daughter enrolls and does not receive tuition assistance, can we apply for aid in the future?

    Yes, you may apply for aid each year. However, you must show that your family's financial situation has changed significantly in order to be considered for assistance in subsequent years.
  • What is included in the tuition charge?

    The tuition charge includes a daily lunch and snack, the after-school program, and educational retreats and field trips.
  • When are families informed of decisions?

    Decisions regarding both admission and tuition assistance are sent out together, provided all documentation is completed by the deadline.