The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Choosing a Girls' School

Being an all-girls school is an obvious distinction. Even if prospective families consider Winsor first for other reasons, they quickly appreciate the benefits of a single-sex environment.

"Girls' schools create a culture of achievement where a girl's accomplishments are what matters," explains the National Coalition of Girls' Schools in a summary of its recent survey of young alumnae from Winsor and other member schools.

Years of research confirm that point. Studies suggest that girls who attend single-sex schools benefit in lasting ways as learners and as individuals. They achieve:

  • stronger self-esteem
  • greater self-confidence
  • broader leadership opportunities
  • higher aspirations

We want to see our daughter in an environment that allows her to discuss, debate and exchange ideas... a school that will offer opportunities to expand on her leadership skills and develop a strong sense of women in today's workforce.

Prospective Parent

While girls' schools have much in common, every school is unique. Many qualities set Winsor apart.

For more on the befits of girls' schools, visit the Web site of the National Coalition of Girls' Schools.