Saturday, May 8, 2021 
9:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m.
Calling all Winsor alumnae!
Join us for Winsor's second Virtual Alumnae Day!

See below for the program schedule and mark your calendars to join us on May 8, 2021.   

Invitations and registration information will be emailed in early April. Questions? Contact Beth Peterson, Director of Alumnae Engagement

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  • Alumnae Board Slate for Election


    Term (expiring in 2023):
    Erica Mayer ’91, P ’25, President
    Ashley Marlenga Herbst ’01, Vice President
    Miwa Watkins ’83, Secretary


    For second a term (expiring 2024):
    Hillary Brown ’80
    Susan Holzman ’67
    Jillian McGrath ’02
    Julia Broderick O’Brien ’56
    Jennifer O’Neil ’93
    Nancy Adams Roth ’66

    For first term (expiring in 2024):
    Danielle Johns ’05
    Johanna Mendillo ’96
    Lacey Janet Rose ’06
    Rebecca Stevens ’05
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  • Current Alumnae Board

    2020-2021 Officers:
    Audrey Fenton Adams ’93, P’26, President
    Erica Mayer ’91, P ’25, Vice-President
    Suzanne Ranere Norris ’94, Secretary

    Des Allen ’98
    Hillary Brown ’80, P’17
    Ashley Marlenga Herbst ‘01
    Susan Holzman ’67
    Elizabeth Flint Hooker ‘95
    Lindsay Mullen Jeanloz ’00
    Jennifer Inker ’93
    Lindsay Mullen Jeanloz ‘00
    Ruth Chute Knapp ’60, P’86, GP’21
    Katherine McCord ’02 (Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving)
    Jillian Campbell McGrath ’02
    Julia Broderick O’Brien ’56, P’87
    Jennifer O’Neil ’93
    Julie Rockett Paulick ’92
    Elizabeth-Anne Finn Payne ’94
    Mary Noonan Quirk ’05
    Nancy Adams Roth ’66
    Marion Pantazelos Russell ’91, P’22, ’25
    Catherine Frankl Sarkis ’82, P’23
    Ann Bainbridge Simonds ’66
    Elizabeth Skates ’88
    Miwa Watkins ’83
    Meg Weeks ’04

    Ex-Officio Members:
    Allie Flather Blodgett ’52, Life Member
    Jennifer Morgan Peterson ‘89, P ’20 ’22 ’26 Past President
    Caitlin Crowe ’89, Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving
    Julia Livingston ’66, P ’85, ’07, Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving
    Mary Aidan Hanrahan ’11, Co-Chair Young Alumnae Committee
    Kerry Noonan ’07, Co-Chair Young Alumnae Committee
    Elisabeth B. Peterson ’80, P’11, Director of Alumnae Engagement
    Samantha Lovewell, Assistant Director of Young Alumnae Engagement
To approve the Alumnae Board Slate, email

Alumnae Day • May 8, 2021 • Schedule of Events

Welcome and Remarks

Audrey McAdams Fenton ’93, P ‘26, President, Winsor Alumnae Association
Beth Peterson ’80, P ’11, Director, Alumnae Engagement

9:30-10:30am Back to Class: Experience Distance Learning with Winsor Faculty.

Alumnae choose
to join one class:
Who Said It Was Simple? Intersectional Feminism and Interdisciplinary Teaching at Winsor

Libby Parsley, History Faculty
Susanna Ryan, English Faculty

"In this session, we'll talk through the evolution of our interdisciplinary course on Feminism, now in its sixth year at Winsor, and look at an Audre Lorde poem together as a means of exploring the issues of intersectional feminism that are so central to the course and to the movement."

  STEM @ Winsor: Signals, Sounds, & Music

Chris Player
, STEM Integrator and ILab Manager

An interactive introduction to our perception of music, the science of sound, and the computation of signals, we will skim through some of the work of our IV’s “Temporal Arts Studio” STEM course to demonstrate interesting auditory phenomena and synthesizer design alike.

Sixth Grade Pandemic Math 

Jodi Kerble, Math Faculty 

What are the tools that we use in math class to teach/learn both remotely and socially distant? What has changed from previous years? What will stay when the pandemic is gone? How do students learn collaboratively? How does the teacher know if the students are learning? Jodi will share the answers to all of these questions while you get to explore the tools.

Building Bridges to Engage Alum’s of Color

Trina Gary
Founder and Executive Director of  Independent Trust, and CEO, Brown-Gary Associates, LLC 

1:00–1:30pm Sarah Pelmas, Head of School

Remarks and awarding of the Julia Lyman Simonds ’17 Award

1:45-3:00 p.m Breakout Sessions

Alumnae choose to join one session: 
Working for the Greater Good

Join fellow alumnae to discuss why women are inspired to found, volunteer, work and lead non-profit organizations.

Lizzie Schueler ’81
President, Manomet Inc

Liza Yntema ‘76
Founder and President of Dance Data Project®

Alumnae Connect!

Explore the redesigned Winsor Alumnae Connect App for connection, career building, and mentoring opportunities.

  Work Life Balance

You don't have to do it alone! Share, listen and learn from other Winsor alums balancing work, home, relationships, and caring for kids and elders.

Resume Refresh

Whether you need to build a resume, or your existing resume needs a refresh, learn how to put your best foot forward.
Class Reunion Speakers

A Winsor tradition, these speakers are chosen by their classmates to represent their class.
  • 25th Reunion Speaker:
    Mariama White-Hammond ’96
  • 50th Reunion Speaker:
    Ellen Pinderhughes ’71
3:30–4:00pm Celebration of Life

Memorial Service and reflections by
Kate Baker-Carr ‘80 and Sarah Pelmas, followed by Closing Remarks.

Evening Sip and Dish!

Class gatherings by Zoom. Zoom links will be distributed by each Reunion Committee. 

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