Reconnect. Reminisce. Renew.

On Friday and Saturday, May 13–14, more than 200 alumnae returned to Winsor for Alumnae Weekend 2022. A full slate of activities provided a perfect opportunity to reconnect.
Questions? Please contact Beth Peterson '80, P'11
Alumnae Board 2021–2022

Erica Mayer ’91, P ’25
Ashley Marlenga Herbst ’01
Miwa Watkins ’83
Members at Large
Des Allen ‘98
Hillary Brown ’80, P’17
Susan Holzman ’67
Elizabeth Flint Hooker ’95
Jennifer Inker ’83
Lindsay Mullen Jeanloz ’00
Danielle Johns ’05
Ruth Chute Knapp ’60, P’86, GP’21
Katherine McCord ’02
Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving
Jillian Campbell McGrath ’02
Johanna Mendillo ’96
Julia Broderick O’Brien ’56, P’87
Jennifer O’Neil ’93
Julie Rockett Paulick ’92
Elizabeth-Anne Finn Payne ’94
Mary Noonan Quirk ’05
Lacey Rose ’06
Nancy Adams Roth ’66
Catherine Frankl Sarkis ’82, P’23
Ann Bainbridge Simonds ’66
Meg Weeks ’04

Audrey McAdams Fenton ’93, P ’26 Past President

Caitlin Crowe ’89, Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving

Julia Livingston ’66, P’85, ’07, Co-Chair, Alumnae Giving

Holly Breuer ‘14 Co-Chair, Young Alumnae Committee

Mary Aidan Hanrahan ’11, Co-Chair, Young Alumnae Committee

Kerry Noonan ’07, Co-Chair, Young Alumnae Committee

Elisabeth B. Peterson ’80, P’11, Director of Alumnae Engagement