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Pa logo calendar Parent Discussion Forum hosted by Parent Network for Diversity/Parents' Association

The Winsor Parents' Association and Parent Network for Diversity invite you to join us for our
first parent forum this year!

Sexual Harassment:

How do we define it?
What do we say to our children and support each other?

8-9:30 a.m., Friday, December 1, 2017

Valeria Knapp '16 Trustees Room

We read about sexual harassment happening among Hollywood actresses, and we know it is common in our adult workplaces too. But it is also stunningly common in young people's lives and on college campuses.

  • When do we take a stand and how can we do this without losing our job or jeopardizing relationships in our lives?
  • Why do victims of harassment not speak up?
  • What are we doing for ourselves and our children as we experience - and witness - harassment every day?
  • How do we define harassment and explain this to our children?
  • What can parents do to support our children and respond to sexual and other forms of harassment?
  • How can we find allies and support when we need them?
  • How can we talk with our sons about these issues and what role do fathers/men have in this conversation?

*NOTE FOR PARKING: Please go to the Longwood lot to be directed to park on the athletic field.

We hope to walk away with practical tips for talking with each other and our daughters. Amy Blackburn, School Counselor, and Kathryn Robb, Health Education faculty, will be joining us and can provide insight on having these kinds of conversations.

Please join us on December 1 and register here.

PA/PND Committee for the Parent Forum:
Eman Ansari
, mother of Danah (Class II) and Leanne (Class VI)
Candace Cheatham, mother of Mya (Class V)
Matthew Gibson, father of Lillian (Class V)
Ann Glynn, mother of Madison (Class II) and Abigail (Class III)
Kamau Karanja, father of Sora (Class III) and Hana (Class VI)

You can also register at the link below.