The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Calendar Event

Class II Greek Symposium
Wildcat Room in the LOC

This special event is designed to give Winsor parents an opportunity to experience first-hand the classes and activities that are the daily life of the Lower School. This annual event explores the geography, history and culture of Ancient Greece. Light refreshments will be served. Since it is open-house style, parents can drop by at any time.

If you arrive early please enjoy a cup of coffee in the dining hall to give students time to set up their presentations. Doors to the Wildcat room will open at 8:30 a.m. for the Symposium. We look forward to seeing all who can come!

Parking: Please go to the front parking lot at 103 Pilgrim Road to see if any of the guest parking spaces are available. If the lot is full, parents will need to seek alternative parking in either the MASCO garage or one of several nearby garages. We also encourage you to take public transportation.