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Pa logo calendar Pine Street Inn Chop-a-Thon

JOIN US for the CHOP-A-THON at the

444 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02118

This is a wonderful event for the Winsor community to volunteer at New England's largest resource for homeless men and women.

Click here to sign up for the event!

Fruit and vegetable donations will be collected at morning drop-off as indicated below. Then, on February 23rd, we will gather to chop all of the produce so that the Pine Street Inn can serve a delicious and nutritious meal.

Collections for February 13-22:
Class I families: 5 lbs of sweet potatoes
Class II families: 3-4 lbs of carrots and/or 3-4 lbs of celery
Class III families: 2-3 lbs of red bliss potatoes
Class IV families: 3-4 lbs of carrots
Class V families: 3-4 lbs of celery

Collections for February 20-22:
Class VI families: 1-2 cantaloupes and/or 1 pineapple
Class VII families: 1-2 honeydew melons
Class VIII families: 1-2 lbs strawberries and 1-2 lbs of grapes

Students, parents, siblings, and friends are all welcome! Sign up today as space is limited to 70 participants. Please indicate if any of your guests are 9 years old or younger; if so, please bring at least a dozen baked goods that they can decorate while everyone else is chopping. Everyone else is also encouraged to bring baked goods for the residents on the day of the event!