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Spelling Bee Poster


Think you can you spell Fabaceae? Chromataphore? Elanguescence?

The ferociously competitive ten-year olds in The 25thAnnual Putnam County Spelling Bee can, and they challenge YOU, the audience to join them onstage as one of four volunteer spellers during the course of the riotously funny upcoming spring musical.

Based on an NYC improv troupe's very loose nod to the novel, Bee Season, Spelling Bee, rocketed from downtown darling to Broadway hit in just 18 months back in 2005, eventually capturing the Tony Award for Best Book for a Musical and the Lortel Award for Outstanding Musical.

Six extremely intelligent but quirky elementary school students compete against on another to win the local Putnam county spelling bee. Although the show is wonderfully funny and full of heart there's a deeper message about the difficulties of pressure and competition on young people. "Each one of the kids copes with the intense stress and losing in a different way." Says director Mr. Johnson, "Some of the students are relived to lose, others are devastated and some are just happy to be there. It's an incisive look at how fragile and resilient kids can be in the face of enormous pressure."

The cast is filled with some Winsor's best talent, including Nazira Calhoun as oddball William Barfee, Teresa Lawlor as sweet Olive Ostrovsky, Lizzie Ross as tightly wound Logainne Schwartzandgrubennierre, Kayla Lee as serious Marcy Park, Julie Wilson as cocky Chip Tolentino and Izzy Leonetti as ditzy Leaf Coneybear. Rounding out the cast as the adults are Leslie Moukheiber as host Rona Lisa Peretti, Audrey Wu as Vice Principal Doug Panch, Katie Burstein as comfort counsellor Mitch Mahoney and Ashley Krawshuk as all the parents and a special surprise visitor.