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Pa logo calendar Parent Forum - What Does it Mean to Be An American?
Valeria Knapp '16 Trustees Room

What does it mean to be an American? Part II

We had such a successful forum in December that we want to continue the discussion! We talked about "What it Means to be American" in our last forum and plan to continue the conversation in this next one by discussing what this question means in the context of the Winsor community. You don't need to have attended the December forum to come to this one.

We hope to explore these prompts and more:

  • Who gets to decide who is an American?
  • Who gets left out? Why?
  • How do we, ourselves, define being American?
  • What does the media tell us about who Americans are?
  • What does this question mean at Winsor? Why is it important?
  • What are privileges that come with being American and how can we use our privileges to help others?

We hope to walk away with practical tips for talking with one another and our daughters about some of these questions and more.

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PA/PND Committee for the Parent Forum:
Eman Ansari, mother of Danah (Class III) and Leanne (Class VII)
Candace Cheatham, mother of Mya (Class VI)
Matthew Gibson, father of Lillian (Class VI)
Ann Glynn, mother of Madison (Class III) and Abigail (Class IV)
Kamau Karanja, father of Sora (Class IV) and Hana (Class VII)
Itayi Mungah, mother of Maita Mungah (Class V)
Dorothee Rozenberg, mother of Sarah Albert-Rozenberg (Class VII)
Alicia Rivera and Jose Romero, parents of Veronica Romero-Rivera (Class III)
Georgia Simpson, mother of Jaire Mai (Class III)

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