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  • F. Warren McFarlan P'92

    In an eight, the coxswain is in command of the shell at all times. Small of stature but powerful of voice, will, and heart, the cox is responsible for steering the boat and coordinating the rhythm and power of the eight rowers. Elizabeth McFarlan Scott ’92 was a cox for the Winsor rowing team, starting in Class IV. In Class VII, she rowed for a Boston team which won gold in the US Rowing Junior Nationals.
    “Crew gave Elizabeth focus, teamwork, and resilience under pressure,” says her father,
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  • Staying True: Patsy Perrin Lawrence '46, P'72

    As a young Winsor student, “I used to sit in the front row of my sister Joan’s performances and become tearful,” recalls Patsy Perrin Lawrence ’46, P’72. “She was that good.”

    “I think Joan was in every Winsor production while she was a student,” Patsy adds. “Miss Cunningham was our drama teacher at the time. She had a way of making everyone’s talent shine through.”
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  • Susan Alexander and Jim Gammill P'03, '05, '08

    What type of girl is a Winsor girl? Susan Alexander and Jim Gammill know as well as anyone that there is more than one answer to that question. The parents of 3 Winsor graduates, Caroline ’03, Margaret ’05, and Lydia ’08, they will tell you that each needed, and got, something different from the school. 
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  • Donna and Chris Hoffman P'88, '89

    It was Winsor reputation for academic excellence that initially drew Donna and Chris Hoffman to perfect fit for their family. And indeed it was. Kristen ‘88 and Jenny ’89 thrived during their years at Winsor. “They both just felt so comfortable. They worked so hard and had very long days but it just was a very caring environment,” Donna remembers fondly.
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