The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Lamp of Learning Society

That we may pass the light undimmed to coming generations…

The words of Susan Hallowell Brooks, Class of 1901, spoken at the celebration of the new Winsor schoolhouse in 1910, still resound with generosity and a look to Winsor’s future a century later.

Established in 1991, the Lamp of Learning Society honors alumnae, faculty, parents and friends who have remembered Winsor with a planned gift. When you make a provision for Winsor in your estate plan and tell us of your decision, it is our pleasure to welcome you as a member.

In addition to being invited back to campus each year for an informative and festive luncheon, members are presented with a commemorative pin exclusively designed for the Lamp of Learning Society by artist Margit Esser Porter ’79.

When you join the Lamp of Learning Society, you demonstrate your commitment to the education of young women. Your gift is an inspiration to future generations and a reminder of the philanthropy that sustains the Winsor School.

Hear why alumnae, parents and faculty are including Winsor in their estate plans.
Allie Flather Blodgett ’52

“From time to time in life we hear about something truly intriguing, something that we want to be part of but are not sure how or if we have the means.

That is what happened to me when Winsor was just beginning to think about planned giving and the Lamp of Learning Society. I dearly love Winsor. It is exciting and gratifying to find a way to meet multiple goals with a planned gift. In my case, it also helped me to support my class reunion gift and a campaign.

Every three months, my check is a pleasant reminder of what I can do for Winsor while Winsor does something for me. It’s satisfying to know that the school will one day have the funds to use wisely and well.”

Kate Baker-Carr '80

“The friends I made and the education I received at Winsor continue to shape my life in profound ways. I want my will to reflect my gratitude and affection for the people and places I hold dear. The very first will I made included Winsor!

Winsor provided a first-rate education in an environment that combined the highest of standards with caring. Teachers, classmates, coaches, administrators, Mary greeting us at the front door and Molly who prepared wonderful lunches–all cared deeply. Together, we created a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow.”

Adrienne Penta Lissner '96

“Forming relationships with my teachers and classmates is my most-valued Winsor experience. My Winsor friendships continue to be some of the most important in my life.

I also am grateful for the wonderful Winsor teachers who encouraged me and showed genuine interest in my development. I fondly recall conferences with Mrs. Skeele on a bench under the stairs talking about Jane Eyre or The House of Seven Gables. When I arrived in Class II, I was not inclined to raise my hand in class. Many encouraging teachers, especially our fearless debate coach Mrs. Berg, helped me learn to speak up. I am no longer the quiet girl in the back of the room!

In my experience as an estate planning attorney, the clients who find the process most satisfying take the time to reflect on their values and then thoughtfully incorporate them into their estate plans. Your estate plan is a reflection of your values. Winsor influenced my life in very significant, positive ways and had a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. To me, my estate plan would be incomplete without including Winsor.”

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