The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Lamp of Learning Society

Hope Baker '62

“‘Winsor made me the person who I am.' I still remember my mother (Polly Beale Baker '27) telling me that. That is why she proudly came back for Winsor reunions—even 70 years after she graduated!

It's also why she believed in giving me the gift of a Winsor education. Together with my dad and my older brothers, she taught me to appreciate all I've been given and to feel a responsibility to give back. Winsor has given me many things, including lifelong friendships. Like my mother, I thank the school for helping to make me who I am. I honor her memory whenever I contribute to Winsor."

Kate Baker-Carr '80

“The friends I made and the education I received at Winsor continue to shape my life in profound ways. I want my will to reflect my gratitude and affection for the people and places I hold dear. The very first will I made included Winsor!

Winsor provided a first-rate education in an environment that combined the highest of standards with caring. Teachers, classmates, coaches, administrators, Mary greeting us at the front door and Molly who prepared wonderful lunches–all cared deeply. Together, we created a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow.”

Susannah Tobin ’96

“I joined the Lamp of Learning Society several years ago when my parents suggested that I draft a will. I initially thought it a morbid project, but when I sat down to do it, I realized that it presented a chance for me to consider the people and institutions that mean the most to me.

Including Winsor on that list was a no-brainer. In eight years as a student at the school I benefited from Winsor’s sterling faculty, outstanding academic and extracurricular opportunities, and nurturing learning environment. Now, as an alumna, I know how important it is to give to Winsor. By advancing young women we advance society.”

Anne Swinton Ruggles ’85, P’14

“As I have said to my parents many times, choosing Winsor was the best decision they ever made for me. My Winsor education definitely prepared me well for life in that it gave me the confidence to take risks and know that it's okay to fail.

What stands out most about my Winsor experience are the relationships forged with teachers and classmates. The close friendships that I developed have helped to shape who I am today. Besides having had a wonderful experience myself, I now have a daughter at Winsor so I get to view the school through another lens. When it came time to update my will, there was no doubt that I should include Winsor. I wanted to put my money behind an institution that I cherish and respect. It is NEVER too early to have a will. When asked if I would share my own story, I thought it was important for my fellow alumnae to see a 43-year-old woman planning ahead. I hope others will follow my lead and help ensure that Winsor always remains relevant and solvent. Realizing how much I benefited from the generosity of those before me, I am pleased to know that coming generations will be helped by my gift.”

Emily Leadbetter Althausen ’58

“I’ve always wanted to find a way to contribute to Winsor’s future—to ensure its vision remains alive and well. For me, Winsor is the most wonderful place for a girl to grow into her ‘personal best,’ spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

Winsor’s secret formula comes from many things—a moral vision, an inclusive spirit, honest evaluation, a love of learning, emphasis on informed debate and the freedom to ask any question. I’m glad to find a financial vehicle that makes it possible to give what I can.”

Marion Dusser de Barenne Kilson '54

“Winsor has evolved into such a marvelous school. The fine classic education and enduring friendships are what I value most about my own Winsor days.

I loved the school and thrived on participating in everything from drama to sports. I also was honored to be a recipient of the Louise Packard Memorial Scholarship. I am happy to have found a way to contribute in honor of my 50th reunion and in appreciation for one of the most formative institutions in my life.”

Jane Hoeffel Otte '57

“I feel deeply indebted to the school that gave me an excellent education, did the same for my daughters and many of my relatives, and has employed me for the last 23 years.

As my 50th reunion approached, my husband and I discussed how to show our appreciation of all the good things that have come our way through Winsor. Planned giving provided a way to make a larger gift than we might have been able to manage otherwise. Because I believe that education is the answer to every problem the world faces, I take pride in Winsor's historical and continued commitment to offering a superior education and the foundation for lifelong learning.”

Carol Haussermann
Winsor Faculty, 1948-1963

“I did so love my Winsor years and remember them vividly. What is the most memorable aspect?

Certainly the variety of students must come first, youngsters from all around Boston and the suburbs, some with backgrounds of family means and others with much less but all willing to try their hardest. They were always special and joys to teach. I knew that I was in a special educational environment at all times and was proud to be a small part of such a community. I also felt the complete acceptance by the administration and faculty of a novice, somewhat unorthodox young faculty member. I valued the old-world standards of excellence by all those connected with Winsor. Planning a bequest and my a gift to the school’s Pooled Income Fund were pretty simple ways to say ‘thank you’ to a place I love so much and which gave me so much.”