The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Celebrating a promise kept.

We are thrilled to announce the record-breaking conclusion of The Winsor Promise campaign. Thousands of alumnae, parents, parents of alumnae, grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends contributed $82.2 million,exceeding our $80 million goal.

As we celebrate this historic moment, we gratefully acknowledge the leadership of the Campaign Steering Committee, the dedication of all campaign volunteers, and the extraordinary generosity of our entire giving community. For generations to come, Winsor girls will have you to thank.

By supporting the Promise campaign, you have been a part of something extraordinary. In keeping your promise to the girls, you have fulfilled a dream for Winsor’s future. Thank you.

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21st-Century Campus

The new Lubin-O'Donnell Center opened for classes in spring 2015, adding much needed spaces for performing arts and for athletics and wellness. Together with the new academic spaces, which opened in December 2015, the new facilities are securing Winsor’s place among the best schools in the country. These educational spaces provide an integrated learning environment that fully supports the vision for a 21st-century education.

Performing Arts

Wellness and

Academics and

Faculty and Financial Aid

Promise took a long view of what matters—for the girls and for the school. Faculty support and financial aid remained priority needs for Winsor, and a focus on Annual Giving and endowment throughout the campaign provided both immediate and enduring resources for these critical needs.

51.6 MNew Facilities
7.9 MEndowment for Financial Aid and Faculty Support
17.4 MAnnual Giving—5-Year Total
4.5 MTurf Fields/Building Renovations (completed 2008)

Leading the Way

To keep our promise, the school’s Trustees were joined by a core team of Winsor’s most passionate supporters. From the start, the Campaign Steering Committee guided this unprecedented fund-raising effort. The stellar volunteers on the Leadership Gifts Committee personally made the case for support across every segment of the community.

Campaign Steering Committee

Jane Brock-Wilson P’07, ’11, co-chair
Nancy B. Gardiner P’04, ’09, co-chair
Jean M. Hynes P’16, ’18, ’21, co-chair
Joseph J. O’Donnell, P’05, ’07, co-chair
Allison Kaneb Pellegrino ’89, P’21, P'22, President of the Winsor Corporation
David Belluck P’17, ’19
John R. Egan P'09, '11
William R. Elfers P’14, ’17
Liz Lempres P’17
Rachel Friis Stettler, former Head of School
Sarah Pelmas, Head of School
Linda H. Thomas P’02, ’06
Nancy Sullivan Skinner, Chief Advancement Officer

Leadership Gifts Committee

Mary Cerulli P’12, ’16, co-chair
Sean Collins P’12, ’18, co-chair
Pamela Smith Henrikson ’58, co-chair
Adrienne Penta Lissner ’96, co-chair
Martina Albright P’17
Hillary Brown ’80 P’17
Michael Cronin P’07
Jeffrey Drucker P’18
Bridgitt Evans P’09, ’11
Bruce Evans P’09, ’11
Peggy O'Brien Eysenbach ’81, P’10, ’16
Winnie Faust P’17
Davis Fulkerson P’17, ’18, ’21
Mary Gallagher ‘94
Brenda Haynes P’16
Elizabeth Partridge Heald ’57, P’87, GP’18, ’20, ‘21
William Heald P’18, ’21
Ashley Jacobs P’17
Adam Koppel P’16
Angela Koutoulakis Farina P’17
Marlyn McGrath '66, P’96, ’03
Anne McNay P’16
Anne Swinton Ruggles '85, P’14
Lynda Spence ’57, P’90
Lee Thorndike Sprague ’58

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