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Announcing the Naming of Rachel Friis Stettler Hall
Announcing the Naming of Rachel Friis Stettler Hall

In a surprise ending to a storied evening, the chair of the trustees unveiled a special tribute in honor of Winsor's retiring head of school: the naming of Rachel Friis Stettler Hall.

"Tonight, on behalf of the board, I have the pleasure of announcing that your legacy will live on in the new name of one of Winsor's most cherished spaces," said Allison Kaneb Pellegrino '89, '21, '22, to the cheers of gathered parents, trustees, Corporators, and faculty and staff past and present gathered for the May 21, 2016, "epic celebration" of Ms. Stettler's legacy.

From this time forward, Allison announced, "the main hall that greets visitors to Winsor, and the former site of our assembly that you have preserved and built upon, will carry your name."

"Spanning the old and the new, its three floors—from the reception and i-Lab to the new classroom of the second floor to the beautifully renovated arts studios—will remind us of the breadth of your vision."

A plaque that reads Rachel Fris Stettler Hall will remind all who pass by of Ms. Stettler's "visionary leadership in transforming Winsor's campus and curriculum to support 21st century teaching and learning."

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