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Winsor Theater Named in Honor of Goel Family
Winsor Theater Named in Honor of Goel Family

In announcing the record-setting final total contributed by Promise donors, the campaign's leaders shared two last surprises: a capstone gift from a Winsor family and the naming of one of the school's extraordinary new spaces.

The newly named David E. and Stacey L. Goel Theater will recognize both the generosity of the Goel family and their deep belief in the arts and the power of theaters as educational spaces.

On October 15, as Winsor celebrated the close of Promise, the Goel family joined campaign leaders in unveiling of the new name.

Applauding the Goels, Richard Lubin P'91, '97, a longtime leader in the school's philanthropic support, thanked them for "believing so much in the concept of paying it forward out of gratitude for those who made their own education possible."

"They chose to do what each of us has done: to give a gift that sets the stage for Winsor's future," said Mr. Lubin, who joined his wife, and Winsor alumna, Nancy Kurson Lubin '64, P'91, '97, as early lead donors to Winsor's historic building project. The performing arts center that bears their names will have the Goel Theater as its centerpiece.

Asked why they chose to devote their gift to funding this very special space, David and Stacey expressed their belief that "Winsor girls are alive with ideas, and a theater is the ultimate laboratory for ideas."

As parents of student in Winsor's Lower School, the Goels have seen how girls here "already possess so much creativity and imagination." This space is "dedicated to fostering and growing those gifts."

Besides providing a home for the great traditions of Winsor drama, the Goel Theater will be a venue:

* for musicians and dancers to perform

* for visiting scholars and dignitaries to present

* for students to take the stage as public speakers

* and for returning alumnae to bring their life experiences back to Winsor.

In the Goels' words, "All of these voices will contribute to the community of ideas that shape Winsor."

Speaking as parents, the Goels describe beautifully how "there is probably nothing more incredible than watching your daughters grow. The theater will be a place where all of us will be able to look on as our girls change, and grow, before our eyes."

To them, "it is an honor to contribute something so impactful, and durable, to Winsor."

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