The success of Annual Giving – and the strength of the school – will always depend on a wonderful spirit of giving.

Meet Our Teachers - Tiffany Rice

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Volunteers Lead the Way

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  • Alumnae Giving Committee

    Caitlin Crowe '89
    Alumnae Giving Co-Chair
    Julia C. Livingston '66, P'85, '07
    Alumnae Giving Co-Chair
    Katherine McCord '02
    Alumnae Giving Co-Chair
  • Parent Giving Committee

    William H. Heald P'18, '21
    Upper School: Catherine Sarkis '82, P'23
    Lower School: Maria Furlong P'20, '25
    New Families: Chris Andrews P'26
    Parents' Association Liaison: Karen Hong P'25
    Class II: Chris Andrews P'26
    Class III: Marion Russell '90, P'22, '25
    Class V: Larry Cheng P'23, '25
    Class VI: Bhaskar Banerjee P'22
    Class VII: Kelly Friendly P'21, '23
    Class VIII: John Dubrow P'20 and Kim Krawshuk '87, P'20