Parents' Association Leadership Team

Co-Chairs (Upper and Lower School)

Duration: Full academic year and some time over the summer; two-year commitment
Description: The Upper and Lower School co-chairs serve as liaisons between the parents and the school administration and work to set the agenda of the Parents’ Association annually. They work with the director of parent relations to ensure that the PA structure and a diverse representation of volunteers are in place to provide support to the School and school programs, and to plan and implement meetings and events. They work closely with the liaisons and the class representatives to foster a sense of community and to promote awareness of diversity issues throughout the Parents’ Association.
Responsibilities: Draft an agenda and co-lead the Parents’ Association Leadership meetings each month.Help develop the calendar of Parents’ Association events. Meet with appropriate liaisons and committee chairs to plan PA events. Organize meetings with class representatives twice a year (September and January),and check in with them on a regular basis.  Solicit feedback from parent representatives on PA related activities as needed.  Oversee communication from the PA to the parent body monitoring the parents' section of the Winsor website to ensure timely and appropriate content, and managing others to ensure that events are both advertised and reported on in a timely fashion. Serve as hosts for all Parents’ Association sponsored events, which does involve a small amount of public speaking (new parent orientation, PA coffees, PA thank you breakfast and new parents' dinner) . Assist and support liaisons and volunteer coordinators as needed. With volunteer coordinators lead the PA Leadership through the process of nominating and selecting liaisons, committee chairs and class parent representatives.
Time Commitment: Varies 10-20 hours a month during the year, plus some time over the summer working with the director of parent relations on summer mailings to parents and planning for the next year.


(This position can be shared between two people.)
Duration: Full academic year; two-year commitment.
Responsibilities: Record minutes of all Parents’ Association leadership meetings. Disseminate minutes to the leadership committee and director of parent relations. May be asked to attend and report on additional meetings, for example the class representative training or community curriculum Day program.
Time Commitment: Requires attendance at monthly leadership committee meetings and one to four additional meetings during the school year, as well as time needed to write up and disseminate the minutes. Estimate 50 hours per year.

Volunteer Coordinators

(This position is shared between two people.)
Duration: Full academic year; two-year commitment
Responsibilities: Work with the Parents’ Association leadership committee (Co-Chairs, Secretary and Liaisons) to oversee and coordinate the recruitment and assignment of parent volunteers throughout the year.  Events to staff with volunteers include Under The Lights, Winsor Open House, and Martin Luther King Day (and others as needed).
Gather volunteer requests from committee chairs and liaisons on a regular basis and post volunteer requests on the web site and via Winsor This Week.
Ensure that volunteers are contacted and acknowledged for offering to volunteer, as well as thanked for their efforts. Confirm that all events, projects and activities have the requisite number of volunteers.
Serve as a member of the PA leadership committee and attend all meetings.
Recruit and fill all volunteer roles for 2019-2020 school year.

Time Commitment: Ongoing throughout the year.


Liaison positions are described in the appropriate sections below.
The liaisons provide the communication link among their committee chairs, the PA co-chairs, the director of parent relations, and others at the school as needed. They represent the interests and mission of the four areas of the Parents’ Association and ensure communication among all groups.