Campus Service

Other responsibilities include working with the co-chairs in the spring to identify new leadership; facilitating campus service committee activities; and providing data for the Web.
Time Commitment: Liaison attends all Parents' Association meetings plus leadership committee monthly meetings. Time commitment depends on the level of involvement and needs of committee chairs.

Host Family Coordinators

Duration: Spring (post acceptance), Fall (pre-start of school), and Evaluation; a two-year commitment
Duration: Spring (post acceptance) Late Summer (pre-start of school) and Evaluation (after school starts, in September) a two year commitment.

Description/Responsibilities: The coordinators will work with the Parent Relations Department to match new families with host families, ideally by geographic location and by class. Host families and host family coordinators are available to answer questions of new families as well as meet with new families over the summer. The coordinators organize a new family gathering by class with class representatives and host families the day of orientation or close to the start of school.

Time Commitment: The host family coordinator spends 8-10 hours in the Spring and Fall. Host families contact new families over the summer via e-mail or meet for an informal gathering. The majority of time is committed to Lower School Classes I-III, and less time to Classes V and VI.
Time Commitment: Chairs 8-10 hours in the spring and fall. Host Families contact new families over the summer and organize area-wide summer gatherings.

Admission Support Co-Chairs

Term: August to June; a two-year commitment
Description/Responsibilities: The co-chairs have two distinct sets of responsibilities, and though they often work independently and off-site, they also back one another up and periodically come together at Winsor. Each co-chair works closely with the Admission Office Manager and interacts regularly with the rest of the Admission team and with prospective families. These responsibilities are 1) Hosts: to organize, schedule, and manage the Admission Hosts (see below for listing) who serve in the Admission waiting room for visiting prospective families from September to February; and 2) Events: to organize, schedule, and manage the Admission Hosts for the two major annual Admission events, Open House in November and Visit Days/Evening for accepted students and their families in April.

Time Commitment: The time commitment is significant and extends throughout the year.

Admission Support Hosts

Term: September to February, then again in April

Description/Responsibilities: Hosts staff the Admission waiting room on a varying schedule five days a week during school hours, with a host helping for generally a two-hour shift, from September through February. Hosts greet and talk with prospective families as they tour and interview at the school. Hosts greet and assist prospective families at assigned posts throughout the school at the Admission Open House, usually the first Friday in November. Hosts perform a similar role at Visit Days/Evening in early April for newly admitted families and also make congratulatory phone calls to these families.

Time Commitment: Waiting room hosting ranges from one to four times per month for two hours. Admission Open House or Visit Days/Evening hosting is a one-time commitment from two to four hours.

Volunteers: Waiting Room, 40; Open House, 40; Visit Days, 40. If you have done this before and enjoyed it, we welcome you back. If you like the idea, please join us, as we always need new Hosts each year.

Library Support Coordinator

Duration: Full academic year; a two-year commitment
Description/Responsibilities: This coordinator work closely with the Winsor library staff to identify support needs and enlist volunteers. The Committee Chair contacts volunteers in the pool and establishes the schedule for the academic year. The Chair is also an active, weekly, library volunteer.

Time Commitment: For chair, optional 3-4 hours per week during school year, as volunteer in the library, to learn system and provide general help. Then additional time is needed before start of school year to recruit volunteers and set up schedule.
Volunteers: One chair and 4-5 library volunteers

Lower and Upper School Sports Hospitality Coordinators

Duration: All year (varies by sport); a two-year commitment
Description/Responsibilities: The Co-Chairs (1-2 each for Lower School and Upper School) support the athletic department by communicating information about sports events to parents. The major responsibility is to e-mail team captains and their parents at the beginning of the season with information about the athletic rosters, game and practice schedules, snacks, and team communication. This committee works with the team captains and their parents to coordinate snacks for all home games. In addition, they work with the Athletic Director to coordinate the end-of season sports banquets.

Time Commitment: For chairs, busiest at the start of each athletic season: late September, early December, and early April.

Volunteers: Chairs coordinate with parents of team captains to find volunteers to bring food for each home game. Food should be enough for Winsor team and visiting team – usually 2 parents per game

Fine Arts Hospitality Coordinators

Duration: Full academic year; a two-year commitment
Description/Responsibilities: The coordinators support the Fine Arts Department by finding parent volunteers to help with hospitality at concerts and plays held at Winsor. In most cases Winsor will provide food and only two volunteers will be needed, in rarer cases coordinators will need to organize food donations.
Time Commitment: For chair, busiest at the start of each semester, although ongoing coordination with the fine arts faculty will be required throughout the school year.
Volunteers: Chairs coordinate with parents of performers and/or artists to find volunteers to bring food and to staff food tables for performances and cast parties.

Teacher Appreciation Events Coordinators

Duration: Full academic year; a two-year commitment
Faculty Appreciation Breakfast Coordinator: Each class hosts a faculty appreciation breakfast in an assigned month. One co-chair of this committee calls all the class parent representatives to coordinate selection of a day within their assigned month to host this breakfast, for the faculty and staff, in the teachers' lounge. Class parent reps recruit parent volunteers to bring in decorations, paper goods and a wide variety of tantalizing breakfast foods.

Time Commitment: Breakfast chair call/e-mail class parent reps to set up schedule, and then each month to remind them to enlist volunteers.
Volunteers: Determined by class parent representatives.
Ticket Donation Coordinator: Implements parent donated ticket distribution program. When tickets are donated, the director of parent relations e-mails faculty and staff at Winsor to inform them of ticket availability and later transfers tickets to the lucky winner(s). The co-chair maintains records of recipients to ensure fairness of distribution and thanks donors.

Time Commitment: Co-chair: 0-1 hour per month depending on number of donations.