Puerto Rico, Language and Culture: March 14-21, 2020

We will also learn about the island’s past plantation-based economy by visiting the Caguas Tobacco Museum. In the Fortress of El Morro and the Museum of the Américas, we will learn about Puerto Rico’s colonial history, independence from Spain, and status as an “Associated Free State” of the United States of América. Afro-Caribbean percussion, movement, and song are an essential component of this trip. For several days, the group will attend Taller de Danza Tambuyé and engage with professional artists to explore how different styles of Bomba ​ channeled the voices of resistance of the female enslaved people of the island during colonial times. To discuss past and present US-Puerto Rican relations, the impact of Hurricane Maria, and young Puerto Rican culture, the group will have the opportunity to meet with Puerto Rican high school students and engage in a forum style activity. 

The trip will be open to all Upper School students enrolled in Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish AP, AT1 and AT2. The maximum number of students for this trip is 25; if there are extra spots, Spanish 1 Upper School students will be considered. ​The current estimated cost of this trip is $3,000. The final price will depend on airport taxes and surcharges, currency exchange rates and final costs. 
For more information, please contact Ms. Bravo (​lbravo@winsor.edu​).