Kim Ramos Receives The Essential Winsor Science Chair

One of eight endowed chairs, The Essential Winsor Science Chair was established in 2003 by Lee T. Sprague '58, Eleanor Lewis Campbell '46 and the Honorable Levin H. Campbell GP'15, as well as Nancy and Michael Tooke P'98, it acknowledges exceptional teaching in Science and the department’s dedication to students. 

This winter, Ms. Ramos was named the new chair, following in the footsteps of four legendary science faculty, including Ms. Denise Labieniec, who held the chair prior to transitioning into her role as Dean of Studies, and Ms. Gail Lima, who retired last spring after 20 years at Winsor. 

Ms. Ramos came to Winsor just over 12 years ago, and “from the moment she stepped on campus, she had high standards for herself and for her students--the kind of high standards that makes it possible for those around her to be better than they thought they could be,” notes Head of School Sarah Pelmas. Her numerous contributions during her tenure include the Summer Science Internships Program which she started and runs, creating the independent study lab space and the science research class, developing materials for science and forensics classes, and tackling the daunting role of scheduler for the school. 

“Kim has an incredible mind for the big and small details,” adds Ms. Pelmas. “She can talk to you about her overall pedagogical approach to science education while helping you balance equations. Her colleagues remark about how she ‘brings joy, creativity and comprehension to the science classroom and, in fact, to the whole school.’”

Former colleague Leslie Bernstein says, “
She is better than an outstanding teacher— she is a smart scientist and incredible woman who is dedicated to making sure other young women become well rounded and understand the way the planet works.” And Ms. Kaufmann once overheard a student saying, "I love [her]! She is such a great teacher because she won't let you get lost in her class." 

Of particular note is her committment to hiring and mentoring, notes Ms. Pelmas.  “She mentors new teachers with such generosity and thoughtfulness that they grow comfortably into their own style and strengths without feeling imposed upon or directed.” In closing, she adds, “Her commitment to excellence and diversity is a model for all of us who hire, mentor, and teach; and her optimism about students and their abilities inspires her colleagues...She is a beloved member of the faculty, a trusted friend, and the kind of teacher who changes people’s lives."  

Winsor congratulates our new Essential Winsor Science Chair, Ms. Kim Ramos.