Encryption and Espionage: Tales from Virtual Post-Calculus

When math faculty Thomas Wensink's post-calculus class went digital, little did they know that it would prove just the thing to put theoretical learning into practice, with awe-inspiring results.
Working with units and methods of encryption, Mr. Wensink had a game-changing idea: he challenged his students to each adopt an online alias, work in teams, and communicate online using encrypted messages. The goal: for the members of each team to decipher the messages to unlock the secret team meeting location.
Senior Danya Dubrow-Compaine '20 is a student in class, and relished the opportunity to crack the code. “I love solving puzzles and decoding things. And I felt like I was a spy," recounts Danya. “It was such an innovative way to use technology to our advantage and something we wouldn't have been able to do if we were in school, and more engaging."

While students are looking forward to the days when classes will no longer be remote, Danya says, "It was almost if the game were already planned," adding, “I hope he does it again next year!" 
Thanks to Mr. Wensink for creating and sharing this Secret Agent Project presentation.