Class VI Debates the Electoral College

On Thursday, November 4, the members of Class VI and the history faculty joined a virtual field trip the Edward Kennedy Institute and took part in a simulation on the Electoral College. The timely opportunity was a unique and engaging way for students to gain a deeper understanding of the Electoral College, and its role in Presidential Elections. 
In the vote prior to “debate on the floor”, Congress, comprised of the simulation participants, was asked: How should we elect the President and Vice President of the United States: Electoral College - Winner take all (used by 48 states)? Electoral College - Congressional District Method (used by Maine and Nebraska)? Direct Popular Vote? Other?
Students embraced the opportunity to share their opinions, presenting oral arguments for and against the Electoral College, and joining the debate via the chat feature. “Kamala Harris was particularly active advocating her position (Cleo Jackson), as was Diane Feinstein (Anna Halfman),” notes History faculty and Mock Trial coach Kate Grant.