PIC Hosts Forum on Building Belonging

On Tuesday, December 8, Parents for an Inclusive Community (PIC) hosted a discussion forum on Building Belonging. This interactive Zoom was designed to be an opportunity for parents and guardians to get to know each other, explore different aspects of belonging, and strengthen the sense of community. 25 new and returning families joined the event, which began with an introduction by PIC co-chairs Alicia Rivera P '24 and Jackie Robinson P '24. Facilitator Lisa Graustein, a Boston Quaker minister and 20-year veteran facilitator specializing in training on anti-racism, decolonizing, and Queer-inclusion practices, facilitated the evening’s discussion.  

Numerous breakout sessions enabled participants to share personal experiences and get to know one another in small groups.  Following the event, Maria Handrinos P ’22, ’25 noted, “I appreciated the opportunity to explore what it meant to “belong” with other Winsor parents of diverse backgrounds. The conversation was engaging, enlightening and entertaining, filled with laughter and warmth. It was one of the best PA events of the year!” Ann Glynn P ’23, ’24 agreed, adding, “That has always been the great thing about the PIC forums is that you have those opportunities to connect in a meaningful way.”  Following the breakouts, participants offered suggestions for ways we can all help our community members feel that they belong at Winsor.

Building on this forum, PIC will offer a five part Parent/Guardian Learning Series beginning on February 11, 2021 at 6:30 pm, also facilitated by Lisa Graustein. The goal of the series is to help families explore identity, and learn how to combat racism and other forms of systemic oppression.