Author Corey Haydu joins Class I English

On February 3, author Corey Haydu joined Lisa Stringfellow’s Class I English students to read aloud from her new book, One Jar of Magic, which hit stores the week of February 8.  Ms. Haydu is the author of eleven books, including Eventown, which the students have read, and the newest release shares similar themes of family and struggling with crets that appeal to young readers.

A Q&A session followed the reading, and the author shared insights on everything from what inspires her writing, to how long it takes to write and publish a book, to how she came to be an author. As a child, she said she wrote daily in a journal, and over time, “I just got comfortable writing about things, especially the difficult things….especially things that others don’t want to say.” The students had more questions for Ms. Haydu than the time allowed, and at the close, she happily agreed to continue corresponding via email.