Class I Play Features Shel Silverstein Poems

January 20, 2022—The Class I play is an annual and anticipated Winsor tradition. For Winsor’s students, the months of collaboration, and anticipation, of delivering their first performance for the entire school, helps bring the class together in a meaningful and memorable way.  
Over the past four months, Class I students memorized lines, learned choreography, and prepared their voices to perform A Light in the Attic, an original play by Winsor Performing Arts faculty featuring Shel Silverstein poems set to music and movement. Mr. Marshall composed the score and improvised the incidental music between scenes; Mr. Johnson developed the script; Ms. McKinley choreographed the dances; and Ms. Pribble designed the costumes.

Poems included:
  • “A Light in the Attic”
  • “Invitation”
  • “Peanut-Butter Sandwich”
  • “Jimmy Jet and His TV Set”
  • “Standing is Stupid”
  • “Messy Room”
  • “Whatif”
  • “I Won't Hatch”
  • “Sick”
  • “Traffic Light”
  • “Jumping Rope”
  • “Ations” - the crowd aww-ed
  • “Ladies First”
  • “Overdues”
  • “Magic Carpet”
  • “Put Something In”
  • “Fancy Dive”
  • “Tired” 
  • “Enter This Deserted House”
  • “The Search”
  • “Rock 'N' Roll Band”
  • “Shadow Race”
  • “Moon-Catchin' Net”
  • “Two Boxes”
  • “How Many, How Much”
  • “Hug O' War”
  • “Where the Sidewalk Ends”

At one point during the performance, the spotlight found Director of the Virginia Wing Library Alice Stern in the audience. Students were reciting the poem “Overdues” and lamenting that a library book was 42 years overdue, asking, “What do I do?” The faculty, staff, and students assembled in The David E. And Stacey L. Goel Theater laughed along with Ms. Stern.

With Mr. Marshall on the piano, the rendition of “Rock 'N' Roll Band” had everyone clapping along. Some poems—like “Ations” and “Two Boxes”—had the audience collectively saying, “aww!”

Wrapping up their last year in the Lower School, Class IV students supported Class I during the performance. "Everyone in tech theater worked hard for the Class I play," shared Lower School Council Head Talia Dwyer ’26. Under the guidance of Mr. Puigbo, Class IV students ran the stage lights and spot lights, sound, and special effects. 
Many thanks to the Performing Arts faculty who made this production come to life—Mr. Johnson, Mr. Marshall, Ms. McKinley, Ms. Pribble, Mr. Puigbo.