Winsor Faculty and Staff Honored with Awards

November 17, 2022—Two beloved Winsor community members were honored with special awards during an all-school Assembly on Thursday. 

Head of School Sarah Pelmas took the stage, which was set up as 1930s New York for the weekend’s fall play The Women, as she announced awards for Director of Facilities and Construction John Crompton and History Faculty Libby Parsley.

Director of Facilities and Construction Mr. John Crompton received the National Business Office Association (NBOA) Professional Achievement Award. This award recognizes the invaluable contributions made by independent school business, finance, and operations staff who are not business officers. 

Ms. Pelmas stated that Mr. Crompton’s background in construction was invaluable for Winsor, as he “understands everything from architectural drawings, to basement storage, to the flow of the academic day, to snow patterns in the Boston area,” she said. “If he doesn’t understand something, he learns it. He always thinks about how students and employees will use our physical spaces—he consults teachers about classrooms, as well as observing how students use the common spaces, to ensure that we support the program and serve the students.”

These staff members distinguish themselves every day and make exceptional contributions to their schools and the independent school community. The award is given to a member of the business and operations staff who has made significant and lasting contributions to his or her school’s operations or financial health. 

It was a special moment as Mr. Crompton’s wife Linda Crompton joined him on stage to celebrate the award as he received a standing ovation. 

The Alice C. Jenkes Chair in History, one of eight endowed chairs at Winsor, was presented to History Faculty Ms. Libby Parsley. Ms. Parsley joined Winsor 16 years ago, and has held many roles as a coach, teacher, Class V Dean, and mentor. Ms. Pelmas reflected on Ms. Parsley’s career at Winsor remarking, “she has taught a huge variety of classes here at Winsor, mostly in the Lower School,” also noting that she is so connected to many students that they often drop into the office to visit with her long after they have moved to the Upper School.

“Throughout her teaching career, this great teacher has always sought to increase the depth and diversity of the voices students hear,” Ms. Pelmas offered. “She distinguishes herself regularly with her students by assigning them homework to ‘feed your soul’ as she says.”
Ms. Pelmas reminded the audience of Ms. Parsley’s creativity, whether with larger-than-life Spirit Week costumes or with the annual Class I “Declaration of Independence,” where her Class I students march into the Head of School office, list their grievances, and threaten to secede from the school.

Continued Ms. Pelmas, “She is ethical, kind, extraordinarily professional, tremendously flexible, full of energy and curiosity, and always trying to improve anything she is involved with. As everyone says about her, she is the quintessential team player. She always has time for anyone who needs her, and she is apparently never in a bad mood!”

Beloved by Lower School and Upper School students alike, Ms. Parsley received loud cheers from the audience and a standing ovation. Her wife was present in the audience to celebrate her achievement, and an official chair is in the mail on the way to their home. 

Please join all of us at Winsor in congratulating these two extraordinary individuals for their contributions to the Winsor community!