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Ring Day Reflection

by Suzanne Pogorelec '24
Since my first time observing Ring Day in Class I, I always wondered why there was so much excitement around this tradition. Even in Class V, I remember sitting on the turf and thinking that this thirty-minute period of enthusiasm between the juniors and seniors was such a long time away that I couldn’t and shouldn’t look forward to it. Nevertheless, I thought positively about choosing my ring at the beginning of junior year, and even about picking out my outfit the day before the tradition itself. When I got to school on the actual Ring Day, I remember feeling extraordinarily glad that I had dressed up, as both Class VII and Class VIII were wearing skirts, dresses, or nice pants. Anyone could tell that it was a special day for the juniors and seniors! 

Looking back, I think it was seeing all of my classmates both in their nice clothing and excited for the tradition that truly prompted my unanticipated exhilaration for the moment. Fifteen minutes before, I stood near the junior homeroom with my advisory and a group of us joked, “just a normal day at The Winsor School,” while we were clearly very energetic and enthusiastic about the walk down to the courtyard where the seniors were waiting with their posters and smiles. The juniors, including myself, were so jittery, as we knew this day was a significant moment in high school, and especially for Winsor tradition. We had all heard stories of parents and family who still wore their high school rings, even decades after graduating, and we figured this custom would mark quite an important day. 

My excitement reached its peak when I stood in the courtyard and saw the line of seniors with their posters. It took me a minute to find Gigi Chu ‘23, the senior who gave me the ring, and when I did, her energy and smile was so contagious. At that point, most other juniors had connected with their designated seniors, and both parties were exclaiming enthusiastically; the courtyard was filled with joy. After everyone had both received their ring and taken pictures, it was time to start walking to our next class. Despite its briefness, the happiness from these forty minutes lasted for the entire day, and any visitor could feel the energy and glee in classes and in the hallway. 

I am pleased to say that I have never been more pleasantly surprised by my anticipation and exhilaration in the minutes before the tradition, and the excitement that I experienced in the moment I received my ring. I am so lucky to have been able to experience such a wonderful custom and I cannot wait to bring the same joy to a current sophomore in the spring of next year!