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Dance Concert Delights and Inspires
Dance Concert Delights and Inspires

Last Friday night, the stage of the David E. and Stacy L. Goel Theater was alive with movement, music and light as 28 Winsor Upper and Lower School students took the stage for the Winsor Dance Concert. Under the guidance of dance teacher and program artistic director Carey McKinley, the evening consisted of 12 solos, duets, trios & group dances that showcased an exploration into the art of dance.

In a nod to the broadening scope of the dance program, students choreographed dances, instigated working with local choreographers, directed groups, designed the lights for all the pieces and essentially ran the show on their own.

"What's most important to me is that the program empowers students," notes McKinley. "I want them to learn about themselves through the work. And when we do this in a non-competitive, collaborative way, we encourage risk taking, experimentation and we celebrate our differences."

The spirit of experimentation and celebration was on full display in the broad array of dance styles and the compelling range of emotions evoked. Nitty Moore '22 reflected "One dance, from the music to the way the dancer moved, reminded me of water. It made me feel calm and peaceful." By contrast, Illusion, choreographed and performed by Franchesca Vilmenay '22 and Emily Kruekeberg '22, was a powerful reflection on bullying and abuse. "Not only did I want people to see the pain and frustration....but to challenge them to look inside of themselves," said Emily in her artist statement. Franchesca added, "When I reached out to the audience in a plea, I think it helped them understand the emotion on a personal level."

By curtain close, the group of 28 girls, together with faculty and guest choreographers, had delivered a bold, delightful and ultimately unforgettable production.

A special thanks to guest choreographers Alex Lapshin, David Parker, Marcus Schulkind and Tara Weaver; and to Winsor technical director Matt Tupper.