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Class IV Bewitches with "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Class IV Bewitches with "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Each year, the Class IV Shakespeare Project offers students the opportunity to study one of Shakespeare's famous plays in the fall and interpret it for the stage in the spring. On Thursday, May 23, 2019, family and friends were welcomed to view this year's selection, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." 

Months of cross-curricular work, collaboration and preparation by the entire class culminated with two distinctly different productions of the comedy, one of the playwright's most famous works for the stage.  The traditional interpretation, set during the Renaissance, captured Shakespeare in true form, with characters, costumes, music and a backdrop befitting the time. 

The audience was also treated to modern interpretation set in the 1980s, with punk-inspired costumes and enhanced by a sound track of classic '80s rock. Reflecting on what inspired the production team to choose the modern setting, performing arts faculty and director Jeremy Johnson shared in the Director's Note, "Many of these characters have been bewitched by a band of fairies. The mischievous, rebellious nature of these tricksters led us to see them as punks."

The students' were dedicated to understanding and connecting with the meaning of the language, and it translated to performances that captured the intricacies in the plot, and elicited uproarious laughter from start to finish. Collaborative work done in music, drama, dance, set design and costume design not only brought the productions to life, but forged a lasting bond among the class members.

Following the performances, and the girls bid farewell to the project with a fitting feast and merriment.

Class IV offers thanks to: Ms. Pelmas, Ms. Caspar, Ms. Phinney, Ms. Markenson, Ms. Lebieniec, Mr. Wood, Ms. Huntoon, Ms. Parsley, Ms. Randall, Ms. Villanueva, Mr. Young, Ms. Cole-Chu, Ms. Marshall, Ms. Geromini, the Class IV teachers, Mr. Downes and the dining staff, Mr. Crompton and the maintenance team, Mr. Rosen and the security team, Kristie Gillooly, and all the parents who helped make this a memorable experience.

And a special thanks to the Production Team:

Jeremy Johnson - Director
Andres Puigbo - Theater Technical Director
Felicia Brady-Lopez - Music Director
Jessica Pribble - Costume Director
Carey McKinley - Choreographer, Acting Coach
Tiffany Rice - Coordinator, Acting Coach

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This interdisciplinary fine arts curricular project is a long-standing tradition at Winsor. It is a valuable and rewarding experience that strengthens the class's ability to work together effectively in a culminating Lower School experience.