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Caitlin Bracken '20 Leads Passage of Bag Ban
Caitlin Bracken '20 Leads Passage of Bag Ban

Congratulations to Winsor's Caitlin Bracken '20! On Tuesday, November 7, Caitlin led the citizens of Wakefield to pass Massachusetts's 56th bag ban.

Caitlin launched her campaign to ban single-use plastic bags last spring while still a freshman at Winsor (read more here). She drafted a bylaw and presented it, along with significant supporting data, for the Wakefield Town Meeting in May. The initiative prompted a community-wide conversation about plastic waste and the pros and cons of a bag ban, but concerns from business owners ultimately led the proposal to be returned to the Board of Selectmen for further study. 

"Undaunted, Caitlin pressed on," notes Brad Verter of Mass Green Network, a champion for the cause. "The Board appointed a committee that included Caitlin, the Town Manager, several selectmen, and representatives of the business community. They prepared a revised article for town meeting, and it passed tonight with flying colors."

"We all are extremely proud of Caitlin's efforts here in Wakefield. She sensitized our community to a very important issue and actually is changing our reality and culture," said Stephen P. Maio, the Wakefield Town Administrator. "The road to success is never a straight line. Caitlin did not let initial concerns regarding the bylaw deter her efforts. She regrouped, improved her product and tried again.  She was overwhelmingly successful.  We need more people like Caitlin if we want to change our world for the better."

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