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Class I Celebrates Writing at Authors' Breakfast
Class I Celebrates Writing at Authors' Breakfast

Class I authors shared their favorite works with family, friends and faculty at the annual Authors' Breakfast held May 9 and 10.

For Class I students, the school year is filled with firsts, and the annual Authors' Breakfast is no exception. Held this year on May 9 and 10, 2018, the anticipated event is an opportunity for the girls to share their writing with family, friends and faculty, and in the process, reflect on the writers they have become.

Standing at a podium, each student read aloud several of her favorite pieces, and offered an explanation for why she chose them, what inspired her writing, and the literary tools she employed. English teacher Lisa Stringfellow worked with the girls on their writing all year and says she loves to see them share what they've accomplished with peers and supporters. 

"I am really proud of the students. They work so hard all year. It is wonderful to see the growth in their writing that comes from their willingness to accept feedback, revise and reflect. And it's wonderful to see them practice and display important public speaking skills."