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Day Celebrates Love Of Self, Death By Chocolate
Day Celebrates Love Of Self, Death By Chocolate

On Friday, February 16 the dining hall offered a respite from the winter blues with the celebration of the highly anticipated Death By Chocolate Day and the second annual Love Your Selfie Day.

Each year, students count down the days until Winsor's talented culinary crew prepares its menu of chocolate delicacies. This year, the selection included the Winsor Brownie, chocolate granola, chocolate cake, chocolate soup, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate pudding, chocolate trifle, chocolate crackle and chocolate cheese.

For the second year, the Upper School Wellness Club organized Love Your Selfie Day to coincide with Death by Chocolate Day. Consisting of craft stations, activities and plenty of photo opportunities, the event brings Lower and Upper School students together, inspires positive self-love and promotes self care.

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