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Introducing the Winsor Blog
Introducing the Winsor Blog

Equal parts insightful and informative, the Winsor Blog is now live, providing a new online source for thoughts from the head of school and others. 

Launched this September, the new Winsor Blog,, will offer a fresh lens through which to view the school and the world around us. 

For an example of what's ahead, check out Sarah Pelmas' recent post on "Ask Someone About 9/11," drawn from one of her September Assembly messages.  Visitors will also have the opportunity to subscribe to her Head of School posts.

Throughout the year, she and other members of the Winsor community will continue to share reflections, perspectives, and resources inspired by events and topics of interest.

The blog will also be a new central spot to find posts such as Christina Baudis' "Healthy Note" from the Wellness Department. The range of topics and contributors will continue to grow.