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Lower School Closing Ceremony
Lower School Closing Ceremony

On Friday, June 1, the 62 members of Class IV entered the Goel Theater for the last time as lower schoolers to celebrate their accomplishments with family, friends, faculty and staff.

On Friday, June 1, the 62 members of Class IV entered the Goel Theater for the last time as lower schoolers, and the immortal words from Shakespeare's As You Like It fittingly set the stage for the closing ceremonies.

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances;" quoted Interim Head of Lower School Rick Mosher. "How relevant this is to this year and to where you are in your Winsor journey."

A number of long standing traditions lent to the ceremony of the day, most notably the passing of Miss Winsor's bell from the current Lower School Council heads, Ava Hosea '22 and Josie Mastandrea '22, to the newly elected heads for the upcoming year, Natalie Pan '23 and Meredith Tangney '23.  The girls also reflected on the year and shared tips for making the most of their leadership roles. "It's not about you. It's really about you making it easier for everyone to come together to make awesome things happen!"

Franchesca Vilmenay '22 was elected by her peers to deliver the Class IV address. On behalf of her class, she extended thanks to family, friends, and especially the teachers. "Because of your relentless support, we have learned to question the world in ways that women have not been empowered to do so before. You've helped to guide, shape, and prepare us for this next chapter of our lives."

She also reflected on time spent with her peers in the Lower School and expressed gratitude. "Thank you to each and every single one of you for being unapologetically you," she said. "As a community of learners we persevered together, we laughed together, struggled and miserably failed together....but we created new goals, and most of all we experienced true success and achievement, together."

Chloe Duval '19, President of the Class of 2019, welcomed the Class of 2022 to the Upper School, imparting gems of wisdom like "sleep when you need sleep", and "it's okay that you won't always be okay."  She encouraged the rising freshman to take risks, embrace being wrong sometimes and most importantly to "remember to love and appreciate each other because you are the best support system you can ask for."

Other highlights included the anticipated musical performance led by music faculty Felicia Brady-Lopez, and a presentation from the heads of the Class IV Legacy Club about the Legacy Garden constructed in the fall, nurtured throughout the winter and unveiled in May. 

Mr. Mosher addressed the class a final time about the opportunities before them. "You've invested yourselves in the art and the process of learning, as opposed to worrying about outcomes. I hope you all will continue this investment as you start your high school career in the fall."

The ceremony concluded with the Class IV advisors sharing a few words about each of their advisees as the girls crossed the stage, one at a time, to receive their certificates.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!