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Lower Schoolers Light Up the Stage
Lower Schoolers Light Up the Stage

Lower School Dance Ensemble, Hip Hop Meets Ballet and Stagecraft students lit up the stage during a recent dance concert.

Class III and Class IV students in the Lower School Dance Ensemble and Hip Hop Meets Ballet class performed original choreography with lighting design by students in the Stagecraft class. There were three dances in the performance followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Student choreography is the hallmark of the dance program. The process of creating original dances involves improvisation, idea generation, communication of ideas, listening to others' ideas, and co-creating. Students work with rhythm, spacial arrangements, and physicalizing emotions in their dances. 

The stagecraft class split into three teams to each design for a separate dance. They interviewed the dancer/choreographers, experimented with color, intensity and special effects, and sequenced lighting cues. Students took turns running the light board during the performance.