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Angela Su '19 Recognized in National Science Talent Search
Angela Su '19 Recognized in National Science Talent Search

Congratulations to Angela Su '19! The Regeneron Science Talent Search named her a top 300 scholar.

Congratulations to Angela Su '19! The Regeneron Science Talent Search named Angela a top 300 scholar for her project, "Highly-Efficient Capturing and Highly-Sensitive Whole-Slide Counting of Circulating Tumor Cells Using an Integrated Capillary Microchannel Device."

One of only 16 winners from Massachusetts, Angela continues in a long Winsor tradition of scientific honors in "the most challenging and prestigious research-based high school science contest in the country."  In addition to recognition for an extraordinary accomplishment, Angela will receive $2,000, and The Winsor School will also receive $2,000 to use toward STEM-related activities.

An inspired student of science, Angela first began exploring outside lab work and expanding her research skills as a participant in Winsor's Summer Science Internship program. "I was fortunate to have a great mentor at Dana Farber who really helped me learn the fundamentals. This summer, I took those skills and applied them to the next level of work I did at the UConn lab."

In simple terms, her current project, a microchannel lab chip, fuses two glass chips together with a small hole in between them. When a blood sample is applied, the cells are forced to arrange themselves into a 2-dimensional format from which images can be generated to help detect the presence of tumor cells.

"When I was little, I envisioned the cure to cancer as a multicolored solution in a beaker. Though I know now that it's not that simple, I still really love uncovering simple solutions to complex problems. The foundation of this project is basically two glass chips glued together - simple, but very effective," notes Angela. "Working on this project gave me insight into what engineers do and their thinking process, and I would really like to continue to pursue this kind of work in college."  

Angela follows in the footsteps of several past Winsor semifinalists in either the formerly named Intel or Siemens competitions, including: Michelle Walsh '16, Elise Wu '15, Jessica Yamada '14, Jennifer Walsh '13, Elizabeth Byrne '10, Lara Maggs '09, Lydia Flier '07Rachel Greenberg '07, Justine Nagurney '02 and Liane Young '00.

Regeneron became a sponsor of the competition in 2017. The competition founded and produced by Society for Science & the Public, is the nation's oldest and most prestigious science and math competition for high school seniors. It recognizes and empowers our nation's most promising young scientists who are creating the ideas that could solve society's most urgent challenges.