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Winsor Students Compete at Worlds
Winsor Students Compete at Worlds

This past weekend, Annie Kaplan '19 and Sarah Albert-Rozenberg '20 competed in the 2019 Worlds Individual Debating & Public Speaking Championships at Branksome Hall School in Toronto, Canada. 

The students competed against the top 105 competitors from around the world in Extemporaneous Parliamentary Debate, Interpretive and Persuasive Reading, and Impromptu Speaking. In between rounds they were able to explore Toronto and get to know their fellow competitors. 

"Doing well in these events requires much hard work and preparation, as well as agility of mind, a high level of critical thinking, knowledge of current events, style and originality in communication, and, most importantly, poise and confidence under pressure," notes English faculty and debate coach Ned Henningsen. 

Annie placed an impressive 61st in the overall rankings, but was not eligible for Final rounds because she went back to Boston to run the marathon on behalf of the Brigham and Women's Steeping Strong Center. 

Sarah reached the exciting Finals round of debate, and as the 9th overall speaker, she was the top American speaker at Worlds 2019.

Congratulations to Sarah and Annie on their hard work and impressive achievements!