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Upper School Presents "The Crucible"
Upper School Presents "The Crucible"

On Friday and Saturday, November 17 and 18, Winsor Upper School students captivated audiences in the David E. and Stacey L. Goel Theater with their powerful presentation of Arthur Miller's classic 1953 play "The Crucible". 

The cast included Connie Zhou '18, Julia Beecher '21, Nazira Calhoun '20, Penelope Mack '18, Maya Bodick '21, Isabelle Isselbacher '18, Abigail Golden '19, Jane Wrenn '18, Teresa Lawlor '19, Ariela Rosenzweig '19, Olivia Brasher '18, Lola Fearon '20, Lena Venkatraman '18, Megan Kaye '18, Thomasina Hare '21, and Marc deFontnouvelle from the Roxbury Latin School.

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