The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

Facility Guidelines

General Requirements for Renting Facilities

A representative of the group or organization desiring to use the Winsor School facility must submit an application to Karen Geromini, Director of Operations and Auxillary Programs, at least 4 weeks prior to the desired date. There will be a rental facilities fee and additional fees if maintenence and/or security help is required. The Winsor School reserves the right to accept or decline any applicant and reserves the right to require a background check of any prospective applicant. The cost ($15.00) of the background checks shall be the responsibility of the applicant. The Winsor School facilities may not be used for programs/activities deemed likely to damage the school grounds/equipment or for use to promote private, profit-making enterprises. Further details of other limitations are set out in the Facilities Agreement.

To request facility use, please submit the rental application to Karen Geromini at .

The following items are required for contract approval for scheduling an event at the Winsor School;

  • A completed rental application
  • Lessee will provide a certificate of insurance naming the Winsor School as a co-insured with the following limits: Physical Damage $250,000; Liability, single occurrence $1,000,000; Aggregate $3,000,000.
  • A signed Facilities Agreement.

The facilities available for rental are located at 103 Pilgrim Road, Boston MA 02215, and include:

  • five International Squash Courts
  • Gymnasium: two NCAA basketball courts, each with six baskets. Two NCAA volleyball courts.
  • yoga/wellness room
  • multipurpose activity room
  • dance studio
  • music rooms
  • black box theater
  • two Field Turf field hockey fields with dimensions of 100 x 57 yards
  • two Field Turf lacrosse fields with dimensions of 100 x 57 yards
  • two Field Turf soccer fields with dimensions of 100 x 57 yards
  • dining hall facilities (May be rented in conjunction with other facilities. Kitchen not included.)
  • classrooms
  • conference and meeting rooms
  • shower and locker rooms are not available for rental.