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The Art and Architecture of Vienna, Prague, and Budapest
Sara Macaulay, Visual Arts Faculty

The Visual Arts Department is leading a trip to Vienna, Prague, and Budapest for Winsor students that focuses on the art, architecture, and cultural history of these three cities.

Follow our trip through this blog!

We’re on our way home.

Our trip was capped by a great experience last night. We went to a concert featuring two Winsor friends and classmates, Haley Kwoun ‘20 and Dayoon Chang ‘19.


On our way to the airport this morning, we compiled our trip top ten: 

-Dinner in Gumpoldskirchen in Vienna Woods

-The Kunsthistorisches and Belvedere museums in Vienna

-All three of the concerts we attended: the Kursalon Strauss and Mozart concert, the organ and strings concert at the magnificent St. Giles church and last night’s NEC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra concert 

-The Spanish Riding School

-Matthias Church, the city market, the Gellért thermal baths and Margaret Island in Budapest 

-The rose garden at the Schönbrunn palace

Ok...there are more than 10 things on the list, but we saw and did so many great things!


Our favorite things in Vienna

Dinner in the tiny village of Gumpoldskirchen and singing with Leo the accordionist.


This museum was so amazing that  I want to share some images. Everywhere you looked, the way everything was displayed, was a beautifully designed composition. 

Here are some of the highlights of our second day in Vienna. 

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (art history museum) has a large and deep collection housed in an extraordinarily ornate building. As one of the students said — the museums are works of art in themselves. 


In the afternoon, we were picked up by our bus to drive out to Heiligenkreuz to see a beautifully preserved Romanesque Cistercian monastery. 

After the Kunsthistorisches, we walked to St. Stephens Gothic cathedral which was a very impressive example of a late Gothic cathedral. 

And then to the charming town of Baden for a quick visit. We all agreed that we would have liked to spend a full day there. Some of us even thought we would like to live there!

We finally reached the village of Gumpoldskirchen for our dinner which was so much fun — full

of singing and dancing and laughing. 

On our last morning in Vienna, we went to the MAK (museum of applied arts) where, not only was the building a work of art, the exhibit design was an art form in itself, more intentional and appealing than anything I have ever experienced. 

This evening we went to a Strauss and Mozart concert in this building.
Before dinner, we took this goofy picture with the Strauss sculpture in the nearby park. Vienna is full of parks and public sculpture.
 The architecture here, mostly Baroque, is amazing. This was the view at intermission.

After lunch, we went to the Belvedere museum to see the Klimt collection.
We were joined today by Izzy Macenka who came over from England to see us.
This beautiful building is the entrance to the palace grounds:
The KissAnd we got to see The Kiss by Klimt!

Very busy first day in Vienna, though we only logged 16,000 steps as compared to our high of 22,000!

The Spanish Riding School.


 Lipizzaner stallions


This morning we attended an amazing performance by the Lipizzaner stallions at the Spanish Riding School.

Recap of Budapest: our 8 favorite things in Budapest

Margaret Island and the fountain display

Margaret Island and the fountain display

Fisherman's Bastion

Fisherman's Bastion

The Budapest Eye ferris wheel

The Budapest Eye ferris wheel

St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica


Matthias Church


Matthias Church

Parliament Building

Parliament Building


After a full day of exploring yesterday on the Pest side of the river (Heroes Square, St. Stephens Cathedral, City Park and the City Market,) and goulash for dinner, we went to the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel at sunset. 









This morning, we explored the Pest side of the river. One of our first stops this morning was Heroes Square. 

Heroes Square

Heros Square


The giant jar of Nutella was a huge hit at breakfast this morning. 

Ready to board!

We are off on our adventure, at Logan Airport and ready to board our flight!

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