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Q&A with Baoying Qiu, World Languages Teacher
from The Winsor Bulletin

Baoying Qiu exemplifies the talented and passionate teachers drawn to Winsor. She joined our faculty in 2015 after having taught students at the university, secondary and elementary level. A multilingual native of China’s Canton Province, she received both her B.A. and M.A. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She taught a model class for parents at the faculty-led “Beyond Boundaries” curriculum event last November at Winsor, giving attendees a glimpse of her dynamic teaching. 

[NOTE:  Baoying Qui of our World Languages faculty shares her thoughts in this Q&A from the Winsor Bulletin magazine.]

Q: What inspired you to be a teacher?

A: Teachers are highly respected figures in China. In elementary school, I had a wonderful teacher who inspired me most. He not only did a great job of teaching the content knowledge inside the classroom but also had a welcoming relationship with each of his students and even their families. So after I emigrated to the U.S. in my teenage years, I wanted to become a Chinese teacher. I want to provide that same kind of positive experience to my Winsor students as well.

Q: In your mind, what three words best describe your students?

A: Bright, curious, and enthusiastic.

Q: Describe a favorite lesson?

A: To be honest, I don’t have one favorite lesson in mind. I think of any lesson as a good one if it keeps students asking questions, trying to find the deeper meanings or values within what is presented. And the topic of such a lesson could be family, greetings, shopping, food, and much more.

Q: What do you hope your students take away from your classes?

A: I hope my students develop a sincere interest in learning the Chinese language and culture beyond the limits of the classroom. I believe that learning is timeless and endless; those who continue to learn will accomplish more and feel happier in their lives.

Q: What has teaching at Winsor taught you?

A: What I enjoy most about teaching at Winsor is that I can keep growing professionally and personally. The school provides extensive resources to teachers through various professional development opportunities. These valuable experiences definitely broaden my view of the world.

Q: World Languages classes are one of many ways that Winsor helps girls see themselves as global citizens.  Why is that so important today?

A: People always move around, and they carry their unique language and cultural practice along with them to the new places that they will call home. America was founded on that kind of immigration and integration. This happened historically and will continue to happen globally. Language classes are so important to help the girls see themselves as global citizens. Learning a different language allows each student to reflect on what she already knows about herself—and what she doesn’t know or might have misunderstood. She will better understand how to connect and build relationships with people who are different from her in any setting.