The Winsor School
A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12


The Winsor School has long benefited from strong, stable leadership. There have been just seven heads of school since Winsor’s founding in 1886. The trustees serve as the governing body of the school. The Winsor Corporation, part of the school’s governance structure, approves nominations to that board. Its ranks include many of the school’s most ardent and loyal supporters and ambassadors.

Sarah Pelmas
Head of School and
O’Donnell Family Chair

Sarah Pelmas is the eighth head of The Winsor School, continuing a strong tradition of visionary women as school leaders. She continues to forge and share a compelling vision for Winsor’s future.

“Winsor has always been forward-thinking about the education of women, and has had a history of extraordinary leaders. I am so proud to join their ranks.”

-Sarah Pelmas

Her Experience

Sarah Pelmas joined Winsor in July 2016 after a "profoundly fulfilling" tenure at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., one of the country's pre-eminent girls' day schools. During her six years there, she served as associate head and head of the Upper School.

Prior to NCS, she served for a decade on the faculty and administration at San Francisco University High School, gaining experience in the many facets of school operations in her roles as dean of students, English teacher, and interim athletic director at a school known for its high-achieving students.

Ms. Pelmas has also taught in the English departments of Stanford, Syracuse University, the City College of San Francisco, and the University of California, Berkeley. While her career path began in higher education, she says that a shift to independent schools taught her “how much more there is to the education when it includes the whole person.”

Her Education

Ms. Pelmas received her A.B. in English and Creative Writing from Princeton University and her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Syracuse University. She earned her Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the University of California Berkeley.

Her Passion

“We’re in a world where girls and women are still fighting for so many things,” Sarah Pelmas reflects in her first interview as Winsor’s new head of school. “It can be difficult to watch. I feel fervent about this: I want to see women achieving more, and more often, and to know they deserve it. I want Winsor girls to get out in the world, embrace their challenges, and love and be proud of what they are doing.”

The Trustees

The Trustees

The Trustees 2016-2017

The trustees serve as the governing body of the school. The Winsor Corporation, part of the school’s governance structure, approves nominations to that board. Its ranks include many of the school’s most ardent and loyal supporters and ambassadors.

Allison Kaneb Pellegrino ’89, P’21, ’22

Vice President

Davis Fulkerson P’17, ’18, ’21


Bart Epker P’13

Assistant Treasurer

William P. Collatos P’03, ’05, ’09


John M. Westcott, Jr. P’90

Assistant Clerk

Elizabeth Bennett Carroll ’89

John R. Barker P’21, ’23

David Belluck P’17, ’19

Jane Brock-Wilson P’07, ’11

Raymond Chung P’18, ’21

Gisele Garraway P’23

David E. Goel P’23

William H. Heald P’18, ’21

Jean M. Hynes P’16, ’18, ’21

Kimberly Heald Krawshuk ’87, P’20

Liz Lempres P’17

Adrienne Penta Lissner ’96

Anne C. McNay P’16

Joseph J. O’Donnell P’05, ’07

Nancy Mahoney O’Leary ’86

Krishna G. Palepu P’21

Sarah Pelmas

Jeremy Sclar P’18, ‘22

Bruce A. Shaw

Forbes Singer ’72

Kimberly Stanfield P’15, ’20

Perry M. Traquina P’09, ’13

Jordan Warshaw P’14

Kent Weldon P’16

Winsor Corporation

The Winsor Corporation

The members of the Corporation include the trustees and alumnae, parents and friends of the school, selected for their commitment to Winsor and its mission.

Abigail Casner Ackerman '86, P'21

Warren Adams P'21

Martina Albright P'17

Hope Baker '62

Katharine T. Baker-Carr '80

Bhaskar Banerjee P'22

John R. Barker P'21, '23

Laura Beebe P'16

David Belluck P'17, '19

Allan Bezan

Allie Flather Blodgett '52

Stephen J. Blyth P'19, '20

Nathalie Boileau P'13, '16

Robert D. Brace P'73

Margaret C. Bridge P'10, '13

Jane Brock-Wilson P'07, '11

Hillary S. Brown '80, P'17

Sarah Beatty Buller '84

Elizabeth Bennett Carroll '89

Rachel Casseus '02

Mary McAvity Cerulli P'12, '16

Ming Hui Chen P'13, '16

Julian Chun P'16, '23

Raymond T. Chung P'18, '21

Roberta Cohn P'81, '89, GP'09, '11

William P. Collatos P'03, '05, '09

Andrew Compaine P'20

Mark Condon P'16, '18, '21

Karen Conway P'10

Teresa Conza P'14, '16

Thomas Copeman P'20, '23

Wendy Cromwell P'21

Michael F. Cronin P'07

Edith LaCroix Dabney '48, P'72, '77

Suzanne K. Daley '92

Jennifer DaSilva P'15

Laura Knapp Davidson '86, P'21

Leah Fish de Sacerdote '99

Lisa De Vito P'16, '18

Carol G. Deane P'07

Ousmane Diop P'22

So-June Donohue P'20, '21

Catherine R. Dowd P'18, '20

Alicia L. Downey '80, P'15

Jeffrey D. Drucker P'18

Yvonne Dumornay P'15

John R. Egan P'09, '13

Pamela J. Egan P'09, '13

Lisa B. Eisenbud P'17, '19

Deborah Elfers P'14, '17

William R. Elfers P'14, '17

Michael Elizondo P'17

John Englert P'20, P'22

Lee Englert P'20, P'22

Bart Epker P'13

Bruce Evans P'09, '11

Laurie Healy Ewald '91, P'23

Margaret O'Brien Eysenbach '81, P'10, '16

Winifred D. Faust P'17

Audrey McAdams Fenton '93

Corinne Ferguson P'05, '07, '09, '11

Wendy Colten Finnerty '64, P'92

Reva Fischman P'15

Valerie Glauber Fleishman '88

Robert M. Forrester P'14, '16

Kelly C. Friendly P'21, '23

John N. Fulham, III P'10

Davis Fulkerson P'17, '18, '21

Jean Fulkerson P'17, '18, '21

Christopher Gabrieli P'13, '15, '16

Mary L. Gallagher '94

Nancy B. Gardiner P'04, '09

Diana O. Garmey P'82, '84

Ellen Giannuzzi P'09, '12

Claire Pasternack Goldsmith '01

Michael Gordon P'14

Daniel Green P'15, '17, '19

Anna Gunnarson-Afeyan P'08, '10, '13

Amit Gupta P'13

Patricia Cleaver Hager

Elizabeth Perry Harrison '91, P'22

Jack Hart P'15, '17, '19, '22

Frances Tripp Hawkey '64, P'94, '97

Brenda Haynes P'16

Elizabeth Partridge Heald '57, P'87, GP'18, '20, '21

William H. Heald P'18, '21

Pamela Smith Henrikson '58

Lee Bigelow Herter '50

Frederick Hoff P'18, '22

Elizabeth Flint Hooker '95

Jean Hynes P'16, '18, '21

Ashley Jacobs P'17

Elizabeth Johnson P'17

Elizabeth Hodges Johnson '54, GP'17

Julie Anne Kaneb P'15, '19

Gwendolyn Kane-Wanger '80, P'09

Carol Ann Kania P'11, '14, '18

Emilie Kaulbach Kendall '78

Ramin Khorasani P'13, '16

Marion Dusser de Barenne Kilson '54

Charles Kline P'10, '13

Ruth Chute Knapp '60, P'86, GP'21

Adam Koppel P'16

Ellen Kornmehl P'19

Angela Koutoulakis Farina P'17

Kimberly Heald Krawshuk '87, P'20

Patricia Perrin Lawrence '46, P'72

Richard D. Leggat P'73, '75

Sarah Leggat '75

Lisa A. Lehan P'18

Joan Trumbull Leighton '64

Liz Lempres P'17

Marty Lempres P'17

Elizabeth Lewis '96

Adrienne Penta Lissner '96

Julia Livingston '66, P'85, '07

Kate Lubin '97

Nancy Kurson Lubin '64, P'91, '97

Richard Lubin P'91, '97

Leslie C. Lucchina P'15

Ann Leonard Macomber '47

Sarah R. Mars P'19

Erica L. Mayer '91

Jane B. Mayer P'91, '95

Charlotte Finley Maynard '91, P'21

Susan Mazur '92

F. Warren McFarlan P'92

Marlyn E. McGrath '66, P'96, '03

Anne C. McNay P'16

Richard I. Melvoin P'96

Kate Merritt '65

Bartholomew J. Mitchell P'09, '11

Stephanie Bigelow Neal '54

Pauline Bray Nutting '57

Arden O'Connor '96

Timothy J. O'Connor P'17, '21

Joseph J. O'Donnell P'05, '07

Nell O'Donnell '81

Ethlyn M. O'Garro P'16, '19

Nancy Mahoney O'Leary '86

Allison O'Neil '91

Jane Hoeffel Otte '57, P'84, '86

Krishna G. Palepu P'21

Vivek Pandit P'15, '18

Saul J. Pannell P'07

Allison Kaneb Pellegrino '89, P'21, '22

Carolyn McClintock Peter

Nancy H. Place P'20

Christine B. Purcell P'16

Nancy Rappaport '78, P'08, '13

Deborah Clark Robbins '66

Keziah Robinson '96

Alan D. Rose P'90, '95, '00, '02, '06

Anne Swinton Ruggles '85, P'14

Marion Pantazelos Russell '91, P'22

Kristen Hoffman Ryan '88, P'22

Caroline Schernecker P'17, '20

Leonard A. Schlesinger P'98, '01

Jeremy Sclar P'18, '22

Luanne Selk P'12

Kristin L. Servison P'07

Roger T. Servison P'07

Bruce A. Shaw

Lawrence A. Siff P'15

John G. Simon P'16

Susan Simon P'16

Sandee Simshauser P'17, '20

Forbes Singer '72

Emily P. Smith '03

Lynda Spence '57, P'90

Lee Thorndike Sprague '58

Kimberly Stanfield P'15, '20

Donald R. Stanton P'93, '97

Rachel Friis Stettler

Cathleen D. Stone P'13

R. Gregg Stone P'03

Daniel J. Sullivan P'01, '03, '07

Marjorie Sullivan P'01, '03, '07

Sara Oliver Swaim '75, P'05

Pankaj Tandon P'05, '08, '10

Carol Taylor P'88, '01

Linda H. Thomas P'02, '06

D. Higgins Thompson '72

Elizabeth Tillman '83

Susannah B. Tobin '96

Carolyn Kimball Tolles '58

Nancy Tooke P'98

Adrienne Torf '73

Perry M. Traquina P'09, '13

Rebecca Yates Velander '85

Stephen Vicinelli P'14, '17

Belinda Walters P'16

Stephanie Bode Ward P'16, '19

Margaret Otte Warren '84

Jordan Warshaw P'14

Amy Weed P'13

Kent Weldon P'16

John M. Westcott, Jr. P'90

Virginia Wing

Emily Lubin Woods '91

William H. Woolverton, III P'08

Hugo Yamada P'14, '17

Miss Virginia Wing, the school's director from 1963 to 1988.

Winsor Directors through the years

1886-1922: Mary Pickard Winsor
1922-1939: Katherine Lord
1939-1951: Frances Dorwin Dugan
1951-1963: Valeria Addams Knapp
1963-1988: Virginia Wing
1988-2004: Carolyn McClintock Peter
2004-2016 Rachel Friis Stettler
2016-present Sarah Pelmas

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