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A leading school for academically promising girls in grades 5-12

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Winsor prepares young women to pursue their aspirations and contribute to the world.The Winsor School Seal

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Winsor at a glance

Student to Teacher Infographic7:1student teacher ratio in classrooms
Community Infographic60+different student hometowns, with Boston home to 25%
Students of Color Infographic44%of Winsor students identify as non-white
Merit Infographic50%of seniors earned National Merit recognition since 2010

What our parents say

I feel so grateful that we landed in this place. My daughter is loved and known, 360 degrees. The girls are given the challenges and the support they need to grow. And, at the same time, they are given the freedom and independence to take ownership for that growth and experience the joy of it.

When we came to Winsor, we felt like we’d found our soulmate in a school. Winsor really instills a sense of the possible in girls. It teaches them to believe in themselves, in their potential, in their power, ultimately giving them the confidence to go change the world.

I asked my daughter how Winsor creates a sense of community. Out of nowhere, came a five-minute torrent of examples. Literally, five uninterrupted minutes of things she thought made Winsor unique as a community. For me that is what is special about Winsor.

Our daughter’s time at Winsor, what she’s learned, the opportunities she’s had in and out of the classroom, will be with her forever. It’s in her DNA. How long does a girl stay at Winsor—6, 7, 8 years? But how long does Winsor stay with a girl? A lifetime.

When your daughter graduates and steps into the broader world, that’s when the incredible value of her formation at Winsor becomes so evident. Far more important than academic readiness is our girls’ posture to the world at large. They pursue opportunity and challenge without a moment’s hesitation. They belong there and don’t ask to join.

I think all Winsor parents have had that ‘ah ha’ moment when we were introduced to Winsor in some way, and we just knew that this was the place for our daughters.

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Gevvie Stone

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