The Winsor School has long benefited from strong, stable leadership. There have been just eight heads of school since Winsor’s founding in 1886. The trustees serve as the governing body of the school. The Winsor Corporation, part of the school’s governance structure, approves nominations to that board. Its ranks include many of the school’s most ardent and loyal supporters and ambassadors.

Sarah Pelmas
Head of School and
O’Donnell Family Chair

Sarah Pelmas is the eighth head of The Winsor School, continuing a strong tradition of visionary women as school leaders. She continues to forge and share a compelling vision for Winsor’s future.

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  • Her Education

    Ms. Pelmas received her A.B. in English and Creative Writing from Princeton University and her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Syracuse University. She earned her Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the University of California Berkeley.
  • Her Experience

    Sarah Pelmas joined Winsor in July 2016 after a "profoundly fulfilling" tenure at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C., one of the country's pre-eminent girls' day schools. During her six years there, she served as associate head and head of the Upper School.

    Prior to NCS, she served for a decade on the faculty and administration at San Francisco University High School, gaining experience in the many facets of school operations in her roles as dean of students, English teacher, and interim athletic director at a school known for its high-achieving students.

    Ms. Pelmas has also taught in the English departments of Stanford, Syracuse University, the City College of San Francisco, and the University of California, Berkeley. While her career path began in higher education, she says that a shift to independent schools taught her “how much more there is to the education when it includes the whole person.”
  • Her Passion

    “We’re in a world where girls and women are still fighting for so many things,” Sarah Pelmas reflects in her first interview as Winsor’s new head of school. “It can be difficult to watch. I feel fervent about this: I want to see women achieving more, and more often, and to know they deserve it. I want Winsor girls to get out in the world, embrace their challenges, and love and be proud of what they are doing.”

Sarah Pelmas

“Winsor has always been forward-thinking about the education of women, and has had a history of extraordinary leaders. I am so proud to join their ranks.”
Winsor Directors through the years
  • 1886-1922: Mary Pickard Winsor 
  • 1922-1939: Katherine Lord
  • 1939-1951: Frances Dorwin Dugan
  • 1951-1963: Valeria Addams Knapp
  • 1963-1988: Virginia Wing
  • 1988-2004: Carolyn McClintock Peter
  • 2004-2016 Rachel Friis Stettler
  • 2016-present Sarah Pelmas

Trustees & Corporation

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  • Board of Trustees of the Winsor School 2021-2022

    The trustees serve as the governing body of the school. The Winsor Corporation, part of the school’s governance structure, approves nominations to that board. Its ranks include many of the school’s most ardent and loyal supporters and ambassadors. 

    Allison Kaneb Pellegrino ’89, P’21, ’22

    Vice President
    Larry Cheng P’23, ’25, ’28

    Lori Whelan P’23, ’25

    Assistant Treasurer
    David E. Goel P’23

    Elizabeth Bennett Carroll ’89
    Chris Andrews P’26, ex officio
    Eman Ansari P’20, ’24, ’28
    Mark Condon P’16, ’18, ’18, ’21
    Wendy Cromwell P’21
    Polly Crozier ’92
    Jennifer Dolins P’23
    Linda Dorcena Forry P’28
    Mary Gallagher ’94
    Claire Pasternack Goldsmith ’01
    Jonathan Goldstein P’22, ’24
    Mary Beth Gordon P’23, ’26
    Lisa Jackson P’23
    Sam Kennedy P’23
    Jessica Lutzker P’25 
    Mallika Marshall P’27
    Erica Mayer ’91, P’25, ex officio
    Elise McDonald P’26, ’28
    Joseph J. O’Donnell P’05, ’07
    Sarah Pelmas
    Marion Russell ’91, P’22, ’25
    Jill Shah P’25
    Kerry Swords P’23, ’27
    Perry M. Traquina P’09, ’13

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  • The Winsor School Corporation

    Todd Abbrecht P'21
    Lee Lawrence Albright ’57, P'88, GP'17
    Martina Albright P'17
    Susan Alexander P'03, '05, '08
    Desiree Allen, 1998
    April Anderson P'23
    Christopher Andrews P'26
    Eman Ansari P'20, '24, '28
    Luciana Aquino-Hagedorn P'22
    Colette Aufranc P'20
    Hope Lincoln Baker, 1962
    Katharine Baker-Carr, 1980
    Rajeev Balakrishna P'21
    Bhaskar Banerjee P'22
    John Barker P'21, '23
    Edith Bastian P'17
    Anne Becker P'18
    Ted Berk P'24
    Leslie Cohn Bernstein '81, P'09, '11
    Carey Bertrand P'26
    Brant Binder P'20
    Stephen Blyth P'19, '20
    Sheila Borboli-Gerogiannis P'23, '25
    Robert Brace P'73*
    Kerry P. Brennan
    Virginia O'Brien Brennan, 1977
    Casey Brock-Wilson, 2007
    Jane Brock-Wilson P'07, '11
    Hillary S. Brown '80, P'17
    Casey O'Donnell Buckley, 2007
    Sarah Beatty Buller, 1984
    James Carlisle P'25
    Kiera Carlisle P'25
    Adelina Carney P'23
    Elizabeth Bennett Carroll, 1989
    Jennifer Chan P'23
    Candace Cheatham P'21
    Mary Chen P'19
    Larry Cheng P'23, '25, '28
    Joanne Cheng P'23, '25, '28
    Kasia Chmielinski, 2002
    Hassan Chowdhry P'26
    Julian Chun P'16, '23
    Raymond Chung P'18, '21
    Helen Clement P'24
    Roberta Cohn P'81, '89, GP'09, '11
    William P. Collatos P'03, '05, '09
    Mark Condon P'16, '18, '18, 21
    Christina S. Condron '92, P'26
    Karilyn Crockett, 1991
    Wendy Cromwell P'21
    Michael F. Cronin P'07
    Caitlin Crowe, 1989
    Patience Crozier, 1992
    Edith LaCroix Dabney ’48, P'72, '77*
    Stephan Danik P'25, '27
    Laura Knapp Davidson '86, P'21
    Leslie Dewan, 2002
    Julie and Ousmane Diop P'22
    Jennifer Dolins P'23
    So-June Donohue P'20, '21
    Alicia Downey '80, P'15
    Jeffrey D. Drucker P'18
    Scott Eckert P'24
    John Egan P'09, '13
    Pamela Egan P'09, '13
    Lee Englert P'20, '22
    Bart Epker P'13
    Laurie Healy Ewald '91, P'23, '25
    Margaret O'Brien Eysenbach '81, P'10, '16
    Angela Koutoulakis Farina P'17, '17
    Audrey McAdams Fenton '93, P'26
    Wendy Colten Finnerty '64, P'92, GP'25
    Maurice FitzMaurice P'23
    Valerie Glauber Fleishman '88, P'25
    Kristin Forbes P'27
    Courtney Forrester P'23
    Linda Dorcena Forry P'28
    Kelly Friendly P'21, '23
    Jean Fulkerson P'17, '18, '21
    Maria Furlong P'20, '25
    Christopher Gabrieli P'13 '15 '16
    Mary Gallagher, 1994
    Nancy Gardiner P'04, '09
    Kaitlin Yaremchuk Gastrock, 2000
    Iraklis Gerogiannis P'23, '25
    Jeannie Gersen P'25, '27
    Thatiana Gibson P'21
    Matthew Gibson P'21
    Ann Glynn P'23, '24
    Robert Go P'27
    Stacey Goel P'23
    David Goel P'23
    Brian Golden P'19
    Claire Pasternack Goldsmith, 2001
    Jonathan Goldstein P'22, '24
    Michael S. Gordon P'14
    Mary Beth Gordon P'23, '26
    Daniel Green P'15, '17, '19
    Jessica Guo P'23
    Amit Gupta P'13
    Mia Halfman P'23, '25
    Danielle Le Hals, 2003
    Larry Hamelsky P'20
    Maria Handrinos P'22, '25
    Elizabeth Perry Harrison '91, P'22 '24
    Jack Hart P'15, '17, '19, '22
    Brenda Haynes P'16
    Elizabeth Partridge Heald '57, P'87, GP '18, '20, '21
    William H. Heald P'18, '21*
    Pamela Smith Henrikson, 1958*
    Lee Bigelow Herter, 1950*
    Claudia Hochberg P'23, '27
    Jacqueline O. Hodge P'18, '22
    Gemma Hogan P'23
    Karen Hong P'25, '27
    Jean Hynes P'16, '18, '18, 21
    Lisa Jackson P'23
    Carrie Jenks, 1994
    Hongyu Jiang P'21
    Shan Jin P'24
    Christopher Johnson P'27, '27
    Cara Grayer Johnson, 1993
    Beth Johnson P'17
    Elizabeth Hodges Johnson '54, GP '17
    Gwendolyn Kane-Wanger '80, P'09
    Julie Ann Kaneb P'15, '19
    Kamau Karanja P'20, '23
    Sam Kennedy P'23
    Amanda Kennedy P'23
    Sonya Khan, 2000
    Joo Kim P'20, '23
    Meshal Kirmani, 1992
    Ruth Chute Knapp, 1960, P'86, GP'21
    Adam Koppel P'16
    Ellen Kornmehl P'19
    Kimberly Krawshuk '87, P'20
     Robert Kwak P'25
    Patricia Perrin Lawrence, 1946*
     Yuchun Lee P'21
    Sarah Leggat, 1975
    Joan Trumbull Leighton, 1964
    Liz Lempres P'17
    Elizabeth Lewis, 1996
    Xiaojun Li P'21
    Adrienne Penta Lissner, 1996
    Julia Livingston '66, P'85, '07
    Kate Lubin, 1997
    Nancy Kurson Lubin '64, P'91, '97, GP'26
    Richard Lubin P'91 '97, GP'26
    Jessica Lutzker P'25
    Laura MacLean P'24
    Emily Smith Magruder, 2003
    Sarah Mars P'19
    Mallika Marshall P'27
    Tomoyo Matsuzaka P'24
    Erica L. Mayer '91, P'25
    Jane Mayer P'91, '95, G
    Katherine McCord, 2002
    Elise McDonald P'26, '28
    Warren McFarlan P'92
    Marlyn McGrath '66, P'96, '03*
    Anne McNay P'16
    Barbara and Richard Melvoin P'96
    Bartholomew J. Mitchell P'09, '11
    Jameson Morris-Kliment P'23
    Mary Mullen P'18, '21
    Jeanine Murphy P'21
    Alison Killilea Neuwirth, 1994
    Michele Norman P'20, 22
    Suzanne Ranere Norris, 1994
    Arden O'Connor, 1996
    Joseph O'Donnell P'05, '07
    Kate O'Donnell, 2005
    Ethlyn O'Garro P'16, '19
    Constance O'Hare P'20
    Nancy Mahoney O'Leary, 1986
    Anne Phillips Ogilby '76, P'08
    Holly Oh P'19, '24
    Mina Okochi P'25, '27
    Jane Hoeffel Otte, 1957 P'84, '86, GP'25
    Krishna Palepu P'21
    Saul Pannell P'07
    Robert Park P'19, '24
    Paresh Patel P'27, '29
    Ambika Patni, 1998
    Poonam Patni P'98
    Allison Kaneb Pellegrino '89, P'21, '22
    Sarah H. Pelmas
    Carolyn Peter*
    Jennifer Morgan Peterson '89, P'20, '22, '26
    Megan Pickette P'21
    Nancy Place P'20
    Keziah Robinson, 1996
    Lacey Janet Rose, 2006
    Anne Swinton Ruggles '85, P'14
    Marion Pantazelos Russell '91, P'22, '25
    Kristen Hoffman Ryan '88, P'22
    Catherine Frankl Sarkis '82, P'23
    Gregory Schneider P'25
    Christina Capodilupo Schwefel, 1997
    Jill Shah P'25
    Susan Simon P'16
    Georgia Simpson May P'24
    Sandee Simshauser P'17, '20
    Forbes Singer, 1972
    Elizabeth Skates '88,  P'25
    Gilda Smart P'24
    Lee Thorndike Sprague, 1958
    Donald Stanton P'93, '97
    Elizabeth Stanton, 1997
    Rachel Friis Stettler*
    Cathleen Stone P'13
    Genevra Stone, 2003
    Kristen Samuelson Stuart, 1998
    Marjorie Sullivan P'01, '03, '07
    Dan Sullivan P'01, '03, '07
    Kerry Swords P'23, '27
    Carol Taylor P '88, '01
    Linda H. Thomas P'02, '06
    Squeakie Thompson, 1972
    Kamaya Prince Thompson, 2000
    Elizabeth Tillman, 1983
    Susannah Tobin, 1996
    Carolyn Kimball Tolles, 1958
    Nancy Tooke P'98
    Michele Toscani P'25, '27
    Meredith Traquina, 2009
    Perry Traquina P'09, '13
    Nora Ross-Johnson Vernazza, 1997
    Margaret Otte Warren, 1984
    Whitney Washington, 2007
    Leah Weintraub, 2002
    Kent Weldon P'16
    Lori Whelan P'23, '25
    Emily Woods '91, P'26
    Elizabeth Yntema, 1976
    Jeanne Yu P'24
    Bryn Zeckhauser '89, P'24, '27

    *Denotes Lifetime Corporator