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Year appointed at Winsor: 2006

Winsor courses/levels you teach: I currently teach Class V, Class IV, and Class III history. Next year, I will teach Class IV, Class III, and Class II. I have also taught Class VI.

Other Winsor activities: I have served as History Department Chair, Class V Dean, Class III and IV Class Coordinator, LS field hockey coach, Varsity softball coach, Coloring Club advisor, ILE Mentor and Advisor, and Admissions interviewer.

What three words would girls use to describe your teaching style? I think they would say my teaching style is energetic, fun and passionate.

How would you describe your relationships with students? I care a great deal about my students, not only as history scholars but as people, too. The better I know them, the more effectively I can teach them.

Do you have a favorite lesson or project to teach? I love teaching the Silk Road—it provides a fascinating case study for exploring how cultures interact and how that contact affects their development.

What do you love about teaching? I love that I get to immerse myself every day in something I love—history, and get to help young people grow as learners. It is really exciting to see kids develop as thinkers.

What’s the best thing about teaching at Winsor? I love the relationships with my colleagues and my students. I am surrounded by wonderful people every day, which greatly enriches my life.

Is there a lasting lesson you hope girls take from your classes? Be unapologetically yourself, and dive in completely.

Favorite Winsor tradition? Spirit Week is my absolute favorite week of the year—I love to wear costumes, the crazier the better!

Personal passions/hobbies: I urge my students and advisees to “feed their souls” on a daily basis. What “feeds my soul” is playing sports, being outside, spending time with friends and family, and staring at something beautiful—one of the pink trees in the Courtyard or a Renaissance painting, for example.

Favorite Animal: My favorite animal is a tiger. They are stunning to look at, powerful, and exotic. I love the combination of strength and beauty.