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Winsor aims to create a learning environment in which every girl can work to her highest potential. When girls need support, they learn to ask for help—and that their teachers are there to help. Our coordinator of academic support is also there as a resource, if needed. Faculty, students, families can turn to her to help understand learning needs and to equip girls with strategies to do their best.

Academic Support Blog

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  • At Winsor School, the Student-Teacher Relationship Drives Academic Support

    Laura Vantine
    In my experience, most independent schools approach academic support based on a convergence of two different models: a medical model for diagnosing students' difficulties and a public-school model of providing special education that includes individual or small-group tutoring. 
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  • Reconceptualizing Academic Support

    Laura Vantine
    Over the past 30 years, more and more independent schools have established academic support programs and learning centers to address their students' individual learning needs. Perhaps not surprisingly, as the number of students being evaluated has increased, even more families have requested academic accommodations and services for their children.
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  • Thank you to the Senior Peer Tutors

    Recently, I sent an email to the Class VIII students to thank them for volunteering their time to the Peer Tutoring Program this year and I wanted to share it with the Winsor community.
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Prospective Parent

I feel so grateful that we landed in this place.  My daughter is loved and known, 360 degrees. The girls are given the challenges and the support they need to grow.  And, at the same time, they are given the freedom and independence to take ownership for that growth and experience the joy of it.
For question please contact Laura Vantine, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Academic Support