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The school's Principles of Global Responsibility spell out what we believe global citizenship entails. Here, thinking globally means thinking about the skills, habits of mind, attitudes, and aptitudes that the 21st century will demand: to get along with many types of people, to understand many cultures, to be flexible and resilient. While this begins in the classroom, an array of programs on and off campus expands girls’ minds. We offer a growing array of exchanges, trips, and Semester-Away programs.

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  • Principles of Global Responsibility

    The Winsor School believes that a critical dimension of academic excellence in the 21st century is the preparation for responsible participation in the global community.

    The forces of globalization now ensure that individuals and communities separated by vast geographic distances and cultural differences are increasingly interconnected and interdependent. Distant peoples and events shape local worlds, while at the same time individual and community decisions––made at Winsor, in Boston, or in New England––often have an impact on wider social and ecological environments.

    In preparing its students to act responsibly in this interconnected and interdependent world, The Winsor School is committed to ensuring that its students not only understand the nature of globalization but also appreciate the personal stakes and responsibilities they have as global citizens.

    We believe a global citizen...
    • Recognizes the dignity of every individual and values the diversity of human cultures.
    • Strives for self-knowledge through the study of others.
    • Aspires to an empathetic understanding of others.
    • Actively seeks intercultural dialogue and engagement.
    • Is willing to act on behalf of social justice and human rights.
    • Acts as a steward for the natural environment.

Anshi, Class of 2015

Every Winsor girl that I know just pushes the boundaries. Winsor is a place that prepares strong women, in every sense of the word, to take ownership of making the world a better place, to think bigger, to think broadly, and to be able to listen to others.

Global Trips 2020

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  • From Winsor to Worlds

    by Caroline Bae '24
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  • Classical Italy: March 13-24, 2020

    Teachers in the World Languages department will lead a trip to Italy during March break 2020 for students studying Latin. The trip begins on the island of Sicily, a place of importance in Roman mythology and strategic significance in the history of the Mediterranean. We will visit sites including Taormina, Mount Etna, and Syracuse. We will then travel to the area around the Bay of Naples, using Sorrento as a base from which to visit Herculaneum, Paestum, Pozzuoli, Baiae, and Cumae. 
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  • Puerto Rico, Language and Culture: March 14-21, 2020

    The Spanish Program is excited to propose this cultural exploration of Puerto Rico’s past and present. Puerto Rican history, literature, and cultures are an important component of the Upper School Spanish program. From the Spanish colonization of the Caribbean region through the struggle for independence and the influence of the United States, Puerto Rico is rich in cultural encounters, political and economic struggle, and social resistance. In San Juan, the students will explore the history of Puerto Rico’s past by visiting the Taíno petroglyphs and ceremonial grounds at the Cemí Museum. 
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  • The China Exchange Trip: March 14-28, 2020

    Teachers in the World Languages department will be leading our seventh trip to China. We will run the 2020 China Trip during March Break (March 14-28), so that all Upper School students can participate in this great opportunity to travel abroad. This trip will be a combination of student exchange and cultural immersion. 
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